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This extension has been moved to the Google Chrome extensions gallery, at
All future updates will only be available for the extension available at the mentioned URL.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • 1.1
  • prafuitu
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More about this extension

Change Log:

Added an icon for the Extensions window and modified the update URL to point to the Google Chrome gallery, where this extension has been moved.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Resize browser window to emulate various screen resolutions License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    This extension has been moved to the Google Chrome extensions gallery, at All future updates will only be available for the extension available at the mentioned URL. Thank you for your understanding.

    Change Log:

    * Rewritten entire code
    * Changed Customize page design
    * Added option to add a title for the preset
    * Ability to re-order the presets list
    * Reset to defaults option
    * New behaviour for Mobile devices: now, the selected values will apply to the viewport instead of the entire window. That is, if you set the width to 240px, the window will be resized to 240 + the width of the window border. This shows exactly how the page would look at the resolution of a mobile device, where the browser has no border.

    And, offcourse, the "Buy me a coffee button", for those who want to show some love! :D


  1. joestrong says:

    Fantastic Extension! Very well presented and functions perfectly! Thank you.

  2. poof says:

    Nice and simple! Maximizing after using this extension is a bit screwy but it looks and works great. I’m not only going to use this for webdesign but also to quickly organize my Chrome windows. Thanks!

  3. poof says:

    Ohno, it seems the extension changed the position of the 3 window buttons on the top right making them stick out a little bit to the right. Please fix this soon because disabling the extension doesn’t fix it :/

  4. prafuitu says:

    @joestrong Thanks! You’re welcome! 🙂

    Hey there,
    About maximizing, I think you got it backwards… I think you meant using the extension on a maximized window is buggy. Well, in my case this is what happens: when resizing a maximized window, it changes its size, but, when you try to move it on your screen, it switches back to the size it was before maximizing it.
    I’m afraid there’s nothing to do about this, because Chrome’s API doesn’t offer yet any means to “restore” a maximized or minimized window. (…although I think I might be able to “fake” this in the next version)

    On your second problem, I have no control on how the icon is displayed. The API doesn’t allow that (or, at least, I haven’t found it yet 😀 ). I just specify what icon it should display and the rest is up to your browser.
    I have no idea on how this could be fixed…
    Could you please upload a screenshot somewhere so I can see at least what that it looks like?

    Ionut B.

  5. Angel says:

    Question for you if my full monitor width and height 1280 x 1024 because i added it as custom size.
    Why does it not fill entire screen?

    yeah the first version was better

  6. prafuitu says:

    Hi Angel,

    I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer for this unless you give me more details, like what operating system are you using and a screenshot !

    My guess is that’s probably because your operating system won’t let it.
    If you want your browser on the entire desktop, you could either maximize the window or go full-screen by pressing the F11 key.

    Ionut B.

  7. poof says:

    Hey Angel,

    Here’s a screenshot from my chrome window corner. It isn’t supposed to look like this right? Now I’m not a 100% sure your extension is even the cause… sorry if that’s the case :/ maybe you can help.

  8. prafuitu says:

    Hey poof,

    I belive that’s the way Chrome windows look by default. That has nothing to do with the extension. 🙂

  9. Angel says:

    Well i have nvidia geforce 8500gt graphics and using windows xp pro sp3.
    But is rare i need to make smaller so guess i can live with it.

    Thanks for extension

  10. Alen Todorov says:

    I think this kind of extensions deserve a “Donate now” button. It seems that, this prafuitu is quite a genius.

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  12. Tim says:

    Is there any way this could be configured to do two things?

    1) Option to move this to the extension toolstrip? I hardly need it *all* the time.

    2) Option to toggle showing resolution as the entry name? When I look at “Not that old computers”, I frankly have no idea what that means. I’ve just gone through and deleted all the default entries, and replaced them by ones with names being the resolution that they represent.

    My laptop is a 12-incher, and its resolution is the same as your entry from 15.4″. Thus, ‘Laptop 15.4″‘ is fairly inaccurate, because the resolution doesn’t strictly have anything to do with the size of the display.

    Anyway.. point being that the default options are now all deleted on my installation, because none of them were quite what I would want to see.

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  14. Armstrong says:

    Awesome extension!!!

  15. prafuitu says:

    Thanks for the comment!


    1) I thought about that and I’ll probably do it in a future update.

    2) The default options are just some examples. I know their titles are not the most accurate titles there could be, but I’ve added the posibility to use a title that’s different from the actual resolution because there are people that don’t know each device’s resolution so it’s easier for them to give a name to that.
    I also know that resolution is not related to the size of the display. I had a 15.4″ laptop that had 1680×1050 as its native resolution, but, in my examples, I used the resolutions I found to be the most common to the devices names I’ve used (1280×800 in this case).

    Anyway, what you did is what I expected all users to do: delete the defaults and add their own resolutions to suit their needs. As I already said, the defaults are just meant to be some examples of how the extension could be used. 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep in mind everything you suggested. Although these are not things I didn’t thought about, now I have the confirmation that there are users who would find those useful.

  16. JBantha says:

    I absolute love this! ^^ just perfect to try templates..

    Now i’m thinking on a Cellphone emulator..

  17. JMcMahon says:

    Tries to do too much and the interface suffers. I just want to see the resolution in pixels, not something as fuzzy as ‘Not that old computers’. What is that? And who cares? Pixels are what I understand. The designations for ‘desktop’, ‘notebook’, etc. are also of no use.

    The biggest thing that would improve it would be that when you add a custom size it would prepopulate the form with the current window size. I also want to select whether I’m sizing the window or the viewport when I create a custom size.

    Make it simpler.

  18. prafuitu says:

    @ JMcMahon
    I’m sorry you’re unable to see the logic behind my choices, but it’s not my fault… Most people had no trouble with it.

    Anyway, I’ll walk you through, step by step:

    1. “Tries to do too much and the interface suffers” – I’m sorry for you, but… Tough luck! The next versions are going to be even more feature rich. One of the new features is going to be the option to set a custom window position, be it a absolute value (in pixels, just how you like it), or a relative value (such as “left”, “top”, etc.)
    However, the interface will be completely redesigned.

    2. “I just want to see the resolution in pixels” – most people find it easier to remember some names, something their familiar with, not some combinations of numbers. That’s why I added the option to use a custom name for your presets, so you can add stuff like “My work PC”, or “My boss’s laptop”, so you don’t have to remember the exact resolution.
    Also, there’s nothing stopping you to use the pixel numbers as the title, so you can add something like “1024 x 768” if that’s what you’re after. I don’t understand why you haven’t done that yet…

    3. “not something as fuzzy as ‘Not that old computers’” – the presets list the plugin comes with is just some generic list, and the names are meant to show you some examples of what you can do (and maybe put a smile on some people’ faces). I couldn’t possibly make a list of all existing resolutions, as it would be to long. It’s up to each user to customize the list as she pleases.

    4. “The designations for ‘desktop’, ‘notebook’, etc. are also of no use.” – but they are. Maybe not for you, but for others it certainly is. Using specific icons for specific resolutions, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. When you’re scanning the list for, let’s say, the iPhone resolution, it’s going to be easier to find it knowing what icon it has.

    5. “I also want to select whether I’m sizing the window or the viewport when I create a custom size.” – maybe if you’d had looked a little more carefully, you would have seen the other use for those “useless” screen types you mentioned earlier. It’s explained in the “Settings” page of the plugin and highlighted in the video tutorial that you can find by clicking on the “Support” links on this page.
    By choosing “Mobile” as the screen type, it not only sets the icon for that preset, but it will also resize the viewport to the desired dimensions, not the entire window. This is also explained on the support page.

    6. ” prepopulate the form with the current window size” – well, this is the only good and constructive thing you’ve said so far. Thank you for suggesting it. I’ll definetly implement this feature in the next update.

    Best Regards,
    Ionut B.

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