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Mouse Gestures. Hold down the right mouse button to draw gestures on the screen--activating actions, such as page navigation or tab management.

* Powerful customization of gestures in options tab
* check out the Split Tab and Merge Tab actions for managing windows
* for linux and mac: may require double clicking right mouse button to get to the context menu  (but this should work smoothly)
* Does not work on the new tab page, this extension website, or other chrome*:// pages due to security restrictions for extensions. But it does work on almost all http:// and https:// pages.

TRANSLATION: looking for people interested in translating to other languages. It's easy. Just download the messages.json file below, replace messages with translations, and send it back: (Current languages included are: en_US, de, ja)

*** If you have an issue or feature request, please post it to the support issues page, as I can't follow up on it if you just post it to the comments (and I am actively following up on issues):

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    Mouse Gestures! Quickly and easily navigate webpages. Also called mouse strokes. Works with any OS (windows, mac, linux)

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  1. beck says:

    Love this! Once you figure it out it’s wonderful!
    Thank you!

  2. rapidTurtle says:

    First impression after approximately 30 seconds of use: Great! Installs easy as pie. Works out of the box on Chrome version Very nicely done option page–clean, easy to understand, and easy to learn all the gestures thanks to illustrations. Opens a whole new world of gestures I never bothered to learn in other browsers.

    At one point I thought I could never live without gestures, then somehow stopped using them for a while after being too lazy to find the extension for all the different browsers I was using. Just popped into my head today to see if there’s a gestures extension for Chrome, and first one I found is a winner! Thanks a lot!

  3. RogueSven says:

    So sweet! But that dont work in new tab page and some other pages. Pls fix it quickly!
    Thanks a lot!

  4. AJ says:

    Thanks for this extension, it works great. To my surprise all of the default gesture combinations were the exact same as I use in Opera. I’ve tried several other gesture extensions in the past for chrome and none worked for linux. This one worked first try.

  5. John says:

    Great extension, but unfortunately it has an issue on my system (Kubuntu Linux 10.4). The right mouse button often requires a double click instead of a single one to display the context menu on a web page. Disabling Smooth Gestures gave me the normal behaviour again.

  6. quantum says:

    Good extension, allows a lot of mouse control on a page. Just needs a shortcut to minimise the window!

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