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A sensible extension for Google Chrome.
Prevents the Backspace key from triggering the browser Back action.

Change Log:

Renamed from ChromeWithoutBackspace to BackspaceMeansBackspace.

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  1. Version 1.1
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    Prevents the Backspace key from triggering the browser Back action.

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  1. ben2talk says:

    I don’t understand – if I spelllll something wrong, I press backspace and it deletes the previous character.

    What would I want to install this extension for? I’m using Chromium and Chrome – and they both function normally.

    Is someone crazy? Is it me?

  2. playswithlife says:

    Press backspace when you’re not in a textbox – Chrome will go BACK to the previous page. Occasionally (I think this is a bug), it will do this when I’m IN a textbox. Losing everything I was typing.

  3. Subhash says:

    greatly desired extension – thanks for making it and removing one of the greatest annoyances ever. Will be checking how much memory it takes up vis a vis other extensions since I have become a little paranoid after loading firefox with the bare minimum of required extensions.

    ben2talk – have a question then simply ask. Don’t be a moron in doing so.

  4. playswithlife says:

    You’re welcome – and thanks! I’m guessing the memory usage is tiny, as it’s only one line of Javascript. I just checked the character count – total 163 characters.

  5. cool! says:

    Oops, I made a html-comment šŸ™‚

    This is a good Idea. For switching through the history thereā€™s [ALT + left] and [ALT + rirght]. Backspace is for deleting letters left off the cursor. Thanks for this extension!

  6. Rich says:

    Is there a way to do this by just manipulating a configuration file?

  7. playswithlife says:

    >Is there a way to do this by just manipulating a configuration file?

    Unfortunately, so far as I know not in Chrome. I don’t know about any config file for Chrome at all. Maybe in a later release that will become possible. Firefox does have a config file that lets you turn this off, I’ve heard.

  8. Bapabooiee says:

    Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and it just works; hate having the Backspace key mapped to the Back function.

  9. Bapabooiee says:

    Now, going-back on what I said about it, it doesn’t work. I was on a forum just now, typing-up a big, juicy reply, and right before I was gonna hit Submit, I got taken all the way back to the New Tab page.

    God dammit, I hate that key =|

  10. playswithlife says:

    @ Bapabooiee – Gah! Really?!

    Any idea what might have been different on that site?

    Was the cursor in the textbox when you hit Backspace, or was the focus on some other element?

    I’ve seen one situation where it doesn’t work, too. I have an idea of how to make it more strict for a next version.

  11. onlineteacher says:

    I’ve wanted to use Chrome for sometime, but too many features of it caused problems with Desire2Learn, the Learning Management System (LMS) my company uses. With the recent update of Chrome, some of these features were improved, but now I’m finding just how frequently I sometimes hit backspace while not in a textbox, causing me to lose what I’ve typed. I thought this extension would fix the problem, and it does seem to work for some sites, but within the Desire2Learn LMS, backspace still seems to mean back on the browser, on most of the pages where this is most potentially frustrating.

  12. Gino says:

    Thank you so much man. This app could be called “Anti-Confirm Form Resubmission”. Because thats one of the main reason I use this.

  13. Paula Kelley says:

    I hate this feature too. Now I have to take an extra step to erase something. This is like training an old dog to do something. Been typing for years and used the backspace key. Now if I forget I lose everything I wrote. I curse whoever thought of this. It is stupid. What were they thinking?

  14. drew says:

    THANK YOU this has pissed me off so many times all better now

  15. Greekgeek says:

    This is half of what I need! The other half is to have command (cntrl on PC) or something to do forward and back on Chome. It’s a really useful shortcut. That’s just a really dumb key to stick it on.

  16. VipeR says:

    Extension don’t work with jquery pop-ups šŸ™

  17. akatsuki says:

    Any chance of making this mac compatible? Doesn’t seem to work on Chrome Mac.

  18. Ken says:

    Does what it is supposed to do , thanks author for making this

  19. ThatLunaticTouhouGuy says:

    This is the best extension ever.
    I was filled with rage and a burning lust of destruction and murdering as ‘it’ happened to me.
    But with a simple google search I found your extension, and it felt so great that I nearly cried of joy.
    (Please understand that I’m slightly exaggerating here…)

  20. playswithlife says:

    Thanks for the notes, everyone. I’ll look at the problems when I get a chance.

    @onlineteacher – Are there any public Desire2Learn sites online where I could reproduce the problem you saw?

    @VipeR – Could you point me at a website with a jQuery popup where the extension doesn’t work?

    @akatsuki – I’ll give it a shot! I’ll have to find out what’s different in the Mac Chrome.

  21. praina says:

    Thank you so much….I had just lost a long Facebook post and decided that enough was enough, when I found this extension. It works most of the time, though the times when it doesn’t are still ****ing annoying,

  22. BenM says:

    Any chance of a similar extension to stop the space bar scrolling the web page?

  23. Logan says:

    Thanks so much for writing this! I can’t express how much I loathe the backspace key being used to navigate backwards. It’s been the cause of so much lost typing I don’t even want to think about it.

  24. Greg says:

    Doesn’t seem to function on any “https” sites. Or maybe the problem is similar to this one: Am I alone here? Anyway, I really appreciate your work despite this drawback. If you know of a workaround I would be thrilled. Thanks.

  25. […] of software. While it’s easy to fix in Firefox, things are a bit trickier in Chrome. ThisĀ BackspaceMeansBackspace plug-in takes care of things nicely. Ā  Somewhat ironically, it’s also very hard to find this […]

  26. Rich says:

    I just re-installed Chrome, and this was the first extension I added. It is essential on laptops, where it is easy to accidentally move focus out of a text box. Though I normally forget it is there (perhaps because I can), BackspaceMeansBackspace is by far my favourite.

  27. Bill says:

    Thanks so much!!! I was seconds away from uninstalling Chrome after, for the tenth time this week, getting shuffled back a page while commenting in a text box after hitting the Backspace key and losing everything! I can’t believe this isn’t basic, out-of-the-box functionality!

  28. playswithlife says:

    Bill – I totally agree!

  29. Sara says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now I won’t have to worry about losing all of my typing if I accidentally click out of a form. You are a hero!

  30. TripleFFF says:

    @BenM – [Any chance of a similar extension to stop the space bar scrolling the web page?]

    Is THAT what causes that! Gah chrome is such a pain!

    Thanks so much for this helpful extension, this drives me nuts!

  31. Alvin B. says:


    I just lost nearly 1000 words I had written into a web form because Chrome decided that backspace meant go back a page – and I have this extension installed and active.

  32. playswithlife says:

    Thanks, Alvin. Which website are you on when this didn’t work?

  33. Thanks so much – after the 2nd time in a row within 2 hours that I accidentally lost all my answers in my online weekly quiz [the quizzes are designed so that they can only be taken 1 time, but it also times the quiz – so when you do this everything you’ve entered has disappeared but the timer has continued for one of my online courses at the University I was extremely glad to find a tool for this purpose and even posted a link to this site on the discussion forum for the course. Even if it conflicts with the online course structure itself [it’s on a tool called Moodle which conflicts with rather a lot of things at random] I’m so relieved to have been able to actually do something to prevent that particular problem from happening again.

  34. Mike from Shreveport says:

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that someone has removed this irritation, which is often a BIG DEAL. You’ll never know how often I have cursed and screamed and wanted to throw breakable items across the room because of this [email protected]#@%&^ stupid-ass “feature”. Thank you!

  35. MGD says:

    Arrrrg! I had such hope! Although this extension works for ‘regular’ browsing, it doesn’t work within the confines of the program I’m using… I open a window to type in, and if I don’t have the focus within that window, backspace will log me off. I know it’s also a bit deficient of the program not to give me focus when I open the window, but this backspace key acerbates the problem…

  36. Amanda in Lakewood says:

    Hi, so far so good, I’ll let you know if I have any problems with this.

  37. Aaron says:

    I installed this extension (backspacemeansbackspace) on Chrome 18.0.1025.151 and restarted. I verified that it does work on unencryped websites (http), but not encrypted websites (https). Too bad.

    So regular forums will sometimes work; but anything of importance (like banks, private mail, etc), will not.

  38. AMAZING!! Thank you very very much!

  39. Von says:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much!!!

  40. nate says:


  41. Andrew Arnold says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! Hitting backspace and having chrome go back a page is the most annoying shit in the world. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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