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Google Reader: Open in background tab


* Minor fixes

* Fixed: Interferences with form elements

* Changed event handling so that it doesn't interfere with pre-defined listeners
* Fixed: 'v' key not working in other areas like email post to friend
* Fixed: Does not work in Expanded view

* Initial publish

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  1. raka says:

    does not work !

  2. demetrio says:

    Awesome! This really what I was needed in GReader. Thank you! 🙂

  3. raka says:

    how does it work for you? did i do something wrong?

  4. raka says:

    ok , now it also works for me, in “list view”.
    is it planned to work in “expanded view” as well?

    thx for this application!

  5. Peter says:

    Nice extension, really needed since chrome won’t let you open news items from Google Reader in a background tab. Only problem is the extension intercepts some presses of the ‘v’ key at the wrong time, such as when you editing tags and ‘trying’ to email a news item to a friend. Otherwise, great extension!

  6. bartheq says:

    Yeah that’s what I need, but it doesn’t seem to work (:

  7. roy_hu says:

    Hey guys, I like this idea a lot, but this extension doesn’t work well, as others noted. Go to for my enhanced version.

    Changes include:
    1. Effective only when Shift-V is pressed. Pressing ‘v’ triggers the default action of GReader.
    2. Opens the link next to the current tab.
    3. Works both in Expanded View and List View.

    Enjoy it!

  8. merikonjatta says:

    Hi guys, thank you for the feedback.

    I updated the extension so that
    1. It works in Detailed view
    2. Does not interfere with emailing, etc

  9. roy_hu says:

    I did a quick test and I don’t think you fixed the interference. I think I have a solution now. Go to for my version.

  10. merikonjatta says:


    Am I invited to use your code in this extension?
    Or will you sign up and post your own here?
    In the latter case I am willing to take mine down.

  11. roy_hu says:

    You’re welcome to integrate my code. That’s why I hold back to upload my version.

  12. Oiseau says:

    Perfect – works as expected. I was always annoyed by items opening in foreground tabs – now I can finally read my newsfeeds w/o mouse 🙂

  13. burgonya says:

    well, it works for me, but it opens everything twice, it’s pretty annoying.

  14. Scott Granneman says:

    Using Google Chrome for Mac OS X, when I press v, TWO background tabs open instead of one. Other than that, thank you for this extension!

  15. Santosh says:

    It opens two identical tabs when I press V. Did I do something wrong while installation?

  16. merikonjatta says:

    Scott, Santosh,
    Thanks for the feedback. hmm strange… it doesn’t happen on my Chrome.
    Anyway I’ve uploaded a new version with small fixes. Would you please try it and see
    if that problem still happens?

  17. Juho says:

    Just downloaded the new version and it still seems to open every tab twice. :/

  18. hector says:

    does not work

  19. zen says:

    with the latest versione of Chrome ( dev) open every tab twice.
    any tips for restoring the normal behavior?

  20. John says:

    still problem with loading two tabs every time – any update as this extension is exactly what I need

  21. Matthew says:

    Works as advertised on a Mac for me. Thanks a lot!

  22. Peter says:

    Fails badly in 5.0.322.2. Opens 12 windows for one ‘v’ press. Worked up until that version.

  23. petra says:

    You have a typo:
    Get hold of utlity extensions for chrome’
    Should read

  24. Grant says:

    Thanks for writing this, it works great in Chrome version 5.0.342.9 beta on OSX.

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