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An adblock extension for Google Chrome. Similar to “Remove It Permanently” and “Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper” from FireFox.

For now, AdBlock Plus subscriptions are supported, but only for elements hiding rules, because Chrome does not yet have “content policy”.

A detailed description:

Change Log:

preferences -> block external objects

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.1.8
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.1.9
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:

    Added conversion a "blocking rules" to css (Chrome supported only it). Please, update your subscriptions.

  3. Version
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:

    * Used a browser action instead of toolstrips.
    + Whitelist.
    * Download subscriptions are allowed for all http sites.

  4. Version
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:

    Fixed icons and https subscription

  5. Version
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds
    Developer Builds (Linux).Beta Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:

    Fixed iframes and added real blocking google ads.

  6. Version
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux).Beta Builds
    Developer Builds

    An adblock extension for Google Chrome.

    Change Log:

    preferences -> block external objects


  1. Marco Buongiorno says:


    Sounds you never used ChromePlus with real ad blocking 😉 The Chrome extensions only hide but don’t block advertisings 🙁

  2. Marco Buongiorno says:


    Should have read Lex’ comment on Google Chrome extensions:

    ” And where is your adblock+ extension?
    I do not see any reason to add it. At the time of its creation was the hope for the quick implementation of “content policy”. And what sense to add one more AdHide-with-css-extension?””

    Lex is right… why another adblock when there are already so many… and ChromePlus has even a native blocker.

  3. @Marco Buongiorno
    nah, I haven’t. ChromePlus runs on Windows. I use Linux, and I’m on Chromium- (33992)
    Don’t know if there are plans for Linux support though.

    I’ve read the comments, I knew most blockers actually just hid ads, and not blocked them,
    but still this extensions works nicer for me.

    Anyway, thanks, I hope Linux gets some support on ChromePlus AdBlocker.

  4. BloodyT says:

    other than the fact that ctrl+ clicking something blocks… (the same way you open new tabs in current window)

    and I guess what they said, how it hides instead of blocking…
    this is a nice little addition

  5. BloodyT says:

    my bad, its AntiAds that has the ctrl+ feature… this one works great (although it doesnt have an icon..(which i kinda like))

  6. foo says:

    Try AdThwart. It’s the best ad blocker for Google Chrome

  7. Lex1 says:

    Slightly updated. Fixed problems with new versions of Chrome and added real block google ads.

  8. Person says:

    ARGHHHH!!! Version .14 is WORSE than .10! Now, random page elements don’t load properly on occasion, seemingly randomly. Videos in channels that used to play perfectly now are replaced with “Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.” And, Google Reader won’t load AT ALL!


  9. ephedrawakes says:

    Truly awesome! 🙂 thanks..

  10. kumar says:

    With this extension enabled, I am totally unable to view the contents (i.e. RSS subscriptions) in my Google Reader account.

    Adblock version –
    Chrome version –
    OS version – Linux Mint 8 64bit

    I have disabled this extension for now..

  11. Lex1 says:

    Real adblocking 🙂 But too aggressive. Now it is fixed.

  12. Дарья says:

    А как тут скачивать? Ничего не поняла… (

  13. Дарья says:

    все время пишет
    invalid value for ‘permissions [0]’

  14. Mark says:

    Works great, but blocks Google Reader. For about a week I thought the problem was a bug in the Dev version of Chrome I was using. But when I disable adblock for Google Reader, it works. So now I just tell adblock not do block Google Reader and it works fine.

  15. ofir says:

    you need to add RTL support meaing that if i’m using this extension in hebrew broswer i don’t have to change the browser to english to use this extension.

    thanks in advnance.

  16. gekkehenk says:

    Where/how do I download this?

  17. Vladimir says:

    But can I use this under stock chrome build from google-chrome repo? For now I can’t see even a download button..

  18. komuser says:

    Can not install this extension
    Extension only meant for Developer Builds of Google Chrome 4.0+
    but my Chrome Version: dev

  19. SnakeMM says:

    I really dont like that ICON.
    Someday it autolly updates and an ICON appears
    Using Alt+X is OK to operate ,I think.

  20. Wanwei says:

    To LEX1: Once I used Chrome, I was impressed by this good extension. But now I haved swifted to Chromium on Linux, I wonder that you could develop the corresponding version. Thanks.

  21. youefoh says:

    This is the best Adblock so far because you can see what it will block. Nice work!

  22. ok says:

    Why don’t supply the Easylist+chinalist??

  23. Nihilistphx says:

    I love this addon for Chrome… it made Chrome a viable option for me to use on my Mac (dev build), my only complaints are that it doesn’t really block all Kontera ads and I do not like how I have to have the button on my toolbar, I’d prefer to enable and disable at my digression.

  24. Turbis says:

    For some reason there is no install button on this page for me, anyone know why?
    I just installed chrome off their site, all other extensions works fine to install.

  25. Robert says:

    says its not installable on 5.0.307.1 dev

  26. marcus says:

    when i block any elements, after deleting history, i lost all the rules. and i find it can only hide Ads ,but not block them before they are loaded in brower

  27. Falcore says:

    Thanks Lex. I appreciate you taking the time to make this. I have a slow connection and I’m hoping this will speed things up a wee bit.

  28. jacktyq says:

    Thanks Lex. I appreciate you taking the time to make this. I have a slow connection and I’m hoping this will speed things up a wee bit.

  29. Ramiro Schonardie says:

    This is one of the reasons why I will never use chrome! Firefox forever!

  30. BCEM says:

    Thanks for this addon.
    2 questions:
    1. Where I can find the filters list, those are created by me?
    2. It’s possible to set “*” filters? (Now it’s only

  31. Thanks!
    خيلي ممنون

  32. adam says:

    something I noticed, this adblock is blocking “something” on “” that causes either the JS or CSS to not load properly, it looked like I was running in “txt mode” on a mobile browser, until I used “Disabled Subscription for this site”

    Just a note 😉

  33. Peter Tnev says:

    I have on;y one, very simple, very humble question – WHY THE HELL GOOGLEs VITIATE AND PROVOKE OUR MINDS ?
    WHY ?

    What is this moral massacre ? Why the hell we need to install some protections, while ITS FAR MORE EASY – TO REMOVE THE EVIL ITSELF ?

    WHY ? What we are doing here is – swimming AGAINST the current !
    This is just a WASTE of EFFORTS and STRENGTH !

    Why these bastards from Google, had implanted soooo many disgusting , Pervert, WHORISH ANIMATION ADS ? WHAT IS THIS ? THE NEXT STEP OF TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF OUR SOULS ?
    Our kids have no shame at all, and these shamelessness ONLY MAKE THINGS WORST !

    Why, why, why these satanists want to Demolish our generations ? WHY ???
    We’re absolutely occupied with some protections, while millions of whorish ads, is adding each day ?
    What is this ? The END of Human Civilization ? What they want – stupid voyeurs all around ?


  34. hack100 says:


  35. Дмитрий says:

    Очень хорошее расширение.Но на новой версии гугл хрома не работает ( просьба доработать

  36. regiuhgiruhg says:

    Webmaster => you suck

  37. farwest101 says:

    Where is the D/L link? Can’t find it here or on the developer’s site. Why ad blocking isn’t standard part of every web browser is beyond comprehension…

  38. farwest101 says:

    Ah, figured out why – this is an unofficial clone site to the “real” google extensions. Here’s the link to adblock plus that actually works…

  39. Sugar says:

    Also the main reason why I use FF, because it properly BLOCKS the ads. Not hide them. It really saves in downloads

  40. Ivan says:

    The customizable user filters don’t appear in the “User Filters” list on the preference page.

    When you select an element to block, showing a single line of filter script isn’t helpful. It should show a similar window to what appears in the Firefox version, where you don’t have to sift through one long string.

  41. Sam says:

    Damn , WTF Where is Download Button

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