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Create new folders directly from the popup!

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    A Google Reader extension that allows subscribing feeds directly from the Chrome address bar. Modeled after the standard Chrome "star" button.

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  1. OwenCM says:

    And the difference between this and the subscribe button extension build by the Google team for chrome is…?

  2. jachymko says:

    This one is tightly integrated with Google Reader and doesn’t disrupt your workflow by opening a new tab when subscribing.

  3. Chrelad says:

    Very nice.

    Possible to be able to add a folder right from the plugin? Also, the font’s are a bit big and don’t really fit into the rest of the look and feel. Maybe a keyboard shortcut as well?

    That’d be all I’d need 🙂


  4. Armstrong says:

    I like the integration by popup 😉

  5. Nighthound says:

    This is a slick extension… love being able to rename the feed and choosing the folder without opening a separate tab. One suggestion: can you include an option to create a new folder under the folder list?

  6. jachymko says:

    Creating new folders is planned, see
    What keyboard shortcut would you propose? Please comment at

    Chrelad, would you please create an issue regarding the font size and attach a screenshot? Thanks!

  7. brammator says:

    Please enlarge your dropdown box. And maybe it’s worth display all feeds found on current page, better with radio-button flat list than drop-down list.

  8. jachymko says:

    new version is up! you can create new folders directly from the popup now. it isn’t very polished, but it should work.

    brammator: the dropdown should be slightly larger in this version, let me know if it’s enough.

  9. ChaCha Fance says:

    This is awesome! I love it.

  10. George says:

    Wow – Exactly what I needed – better than what I was missing from FF. Thanks !

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