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A simple extension for assigning an arbitrary keyword to an URL. The extension adds a page action to create new bookmarks with keywords assigned to them. The URL of the bookmark can contain ‘%s’ interpreted as a wildcard.

  • 1.0
  • GPL
  • mdukielska
  • Developer Builds

More about this extension

Supported features:

  • adding a keyword by clicking a page action
  • adding a keyword by adding a bookmark
  • changing a keyword by editing a bookmark
  • removing a keyword by removing a bookmark
  • loading the URL by entering a keyword in the address bar

The page action opens a new tab with a form containing 3 fields: title, keyword, URL. Keyword can be any word. URL can contain ‘%s’ which will be interpreted as a wildcard. E.g. if you enter Google as title, search as a keyword and http://google.%s as URL and then type ‘search nl’ in the address box, you’ll go to

All bookmarks added by the page action are inserted into ‘Keywords extension’ folder. The folder is created the first time you use the page action. Only bookmarks from this folder are taken into consideration by the extension. If you move any bookmark outside, its keyword will stop working. Once the folder is created, you can use bookmark manager or star action in the address bar to add, edit or remove bookmarks and its keywords. To make keywords working, remember to set a bookmark title to ‘[<keyword>] title’ while adding new bookmarks.

The extension works with dev Chrome version (last tested was

Limitations due to current extension API:

  • it is not possible to exchange the URL before the default page is loaded…
  • it is not possible to get notified when the user edits the URL of a bookmark; this means that if you change only the URL of a bookmark, the URL assigned to the keyword won’t be updated.


  1. Loarnejagenew says:

    Hello! Sorry klooper appropriate for my english jer, buti danged nice re say gJ$)Kd!!!.

  2. facebok says:

    How you can find in the social network facebook. What are you represented?

  3. Jim says:

    How do I access the resource to add keywords? I can’t seem to find it anywhere after installing the plugin and restarting Chromium.

  4. BloodyT says:

    Its right on the adress bar, btw might i sugest you put the folder it creates inside ‘other bookmarks’
    or maybe in options (chromium has options for extensions, and chrome should have it soon)
    I really like it, aside from the fact that it waste bookmarkbar room

  5. Seb says:


    Well that’s pretty awesome I must say – just made Chrome that little bit closer to being my 100% browser…

    My only niggle – when i run one of the keyword bookmarked things, it first loads the google results for what i’ve searched for, then about 2 seconds later will load my bookmark – i.e. keyword of “seb” will first take me to google’s results for “seb”, then take me to wherever my “seb” bookmark is supposed to go…

    Aside from that, good work! 🙂


  6. Seb says:

    (although I’ve just read in the “Limitations due to current API” bit that you know about this… oh well! please feel free to ignore me; still think it’s an awesome extension though!)


  7. Faruk Ates says:


    The existence of this extension has caused me to make Chrome my default browser instead of Safari. Some bug reports for you (no idea where else to do this):

    – the extension API limitation for google search results showing up first is something you should definitely try to work out with the Chrome development team, as it greatly impedes the extension’s user experience (slows it down and the weird flash of content = bad) whilst the extension itself adds a lot of power user value (arguably a key target audience for Chrome).

    – the extension doesn’t support spaces or anything, which devalues it greatly (e.g. make a Google Maps keyword ‘maps’ and then try entering ‘maps 10 market st, san francisco’ — it becomes a GMaps search for “10”)

    – there is no (or not always any) feedback when you Save a keyword-bookmark from the page action, which has caused me to hit the Save button multiple times only to find out I had multiple bookmarks.

    – …which highlighted another bug: it doesn’t check for existing keywords, allowing multiple bookmarks with the same keyword.

    Lastly, if you DO get to talk with the Chrome Dev team, perhaps bring up merging this feature into Chrome itself so that the bookmark manager has it built-in? (or allow your extension to be plugged into the bookmark manager)

    Anyhoo, again: love this extension, it made me switch full-time to Chrome. 🙂


  8. Mat says:

    This extension really helps, but as Seb says its a hassle that Chrome doesn’t go direct to the correct page but via the Google results. If only Google would sort out the bookmark feature so that it could include (and sync) keywords (including %s) then all would be perfect in the Chrome world.

  9. Karen says:

    Make the same extension on firefox then this will be the first extension that I know of that can support bookmark keywords on both browsers. If there is a firefox version, one just needs to sync the same set of bookmarks with the keywords to use the bookmark keywords from chrome

  10. Strodtbeck says:

    Using Chrome 9.0.576.0
    I can add the bookmark with the keyword (shows in “keywords extension” folder on the bookmark bar) but when the keyword is used in the URL bar it goes to the default search engine results for whatever that keyword is. e.g. keyword =”pa” I get Google search results for “pa” not the page bookmarked with the keyword “pa”

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