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  1. Nahuel Siviero says:

    please put the option to open the page

    so I can read the results in my language because I really like
    This extension … if you do swear that the disseminated as I can …


    por favor, pone la opcion de que abra la pagina

    asi puedo leer los resultados en mi idioma porque la verdad me encanta
    esta extension…si lo haces te juro que la difundo lo mas que pueda…


  2. Doctor says:

    Can you add, than user can choose wikipedia ru/en/de/etc langueage?

  3. ibud says:

    langueage Choose needed

  4. DreaMs says:

    Yes I will be very useful that user can choose the language.

  5. Applications says:

    I am already working on the language feature. I will try and update the extension as soon as possible!

  6. Sokel says:

    Don’t forget about focus after click. And keyboard shortcut.

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