More about this extension

  • Saves all tab urls for all chrome windows.
  • Saves multiple sessions with custom names.
  • Loads all urls from saved session to current window in new tabs.
  • Can view all urls to copy/paste from.
  • Can save tabs just for current window.
  • Can close saved tabs.
  • Export all saved sessions to bookmarks.

Change Log:

  • Chrome support added.
  • Export to Bookmarks - Exports all saved sessions to bookmarks under "Other Bookmarks\\Your Saved Sessions" in a timestamped sub folder.
  • Save current window correctly tracks all windows, ignoring dev tools and session saver windows.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.15
    Compatible With

    A session manager that lets you save and manage multiple sessions.

    Change Log:



  1. Pedro says:

    This is an amazing app.

    I no longer need to worry about losing my work if I have a million tabs on and need to leave (or something).

    And it saves it over time.


  2. Sylvio says:

    This is really a useful extension.
    But will there be an option to automatically save the tabs, without manually saving it?

    I just would like to have Chrome open the same tabs as before it get closed. πŸ™‚

  3. Rangan K says:

    This does not work on Chrome

    I request the author to upgrade the extension.

    All the best.


  4. Exocet says:

    Just upgraded to and it broke the extension.

    Ubuntu 9.04/amd64/1.5gRAM

  5. Marc says:

    Since Chrome can already save my tabs, what is the benefit of this extension? Saving multiple sets of tabs across sessions?

  6. Henk says:

    @Marc: it does not.

    And I’ve installed this extension, it didn’t save my session.

  7. T.F. says:

    Great app, great functionality but… Isn’t it a bit dumb to add a whole bar under the browser for a tiny little button? Just put it on the top right, like other extensions…

  8. Mikael says:

    I agree with T.F. Chrome has done a good job of maximising the web browser viewing area by putting tabs within the title bar and now (with the bar the the bottom) it’s making it smaller. I don’t think user want that really. Preferably add the button to the top like other extensions or to the drop down menu list which is another alternative as it doesn’t need to be access immediately imo. Thanks for a good .crx!

  9. Xavier says:

    I second what T.F. said. Is there an option for us to move the icon somewhere else?

  10. Praxis22 says:

    Is there any way of getting rid of the toolbar at the bottom? I installed it, it annoyed me, it’s gone. I could use the functionality, but not if it messes with my layout.

  11. Natanael L says:

    Nice, it might be able to challange Firefox’ addon SessionManager!

  12. Bob says:

    This plugin does NOT work. I try to save a session but when I return to load it it says “No saved sessions”. I’m using Chrome version

  13. Sergei says:

    Every tiny version change kills extensions, that’s quite annoying ;x

  14. Anton says:

    Still not works in Linux, no status bar πŸ™
    Is it possible to move the extension button to main toolbar (near the address bar) ?

  15. helder says:

    “Every tiny version change kills extensions, that’s quite annoying ;x”

    that’s why i hate this browser. back to opera. bye google.

  16. _mark says:

    please put controls in a place it doesnt break with each update.

    come on.

  17. vic says:

    Where is it? I’ve installed it, but I can’t find it anywhere in Chrome… πŸ™

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