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Change Log:

  • Feature: color picker.
  • Feature: extension auto-update.
  • Changed: popup menu has a complete new look.
  • Changed: extension icon.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.0.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Extended developer tools for Chrome.

    Change Log:


  2. Version 0.0.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Extended developer tools for Chrome.

    Change Log:

    • Fixed: popup menu is too big (see issue #26471).
    • Feature: toggle buttons to prevent reloading the whole page.
    • Changed: submenu "Images" has been completely rewritten.


  1. zipu4 says:


  2. Yuri says:

    Very nice!

  3. kodziek says:

    please add validate option for files from localhost

  4. Bruno says:

    would be great if those buttons toggle the suff instead of just hiding it… u need to reload to show css again, or images…

  5. christian says:

    Thank you for the feedbacks.

    @kodziek: this will be fixed as soon as possible.
    @Bruno: great idea! This feature will be for the next release 😉

  6. lemulot says:

    promising !
    But I think we should limit the number of extension up ..

  7. gustavo says:

    what about enabling/disabling ?

    once i disable CSS i would like to enable it again

  8. Amin says:

    Thank you for writing this extension, i’m loving it already. But not being able to turn on CSS (or other things) again is a little barriere for me to use it. I think it’d be great if the ‘Disable CSS’ button changed to ‘Enable CSS’ after you clicked on it :).

  9. christian says:

    @gustavo + @Amin : toggle buttons will be soon available!
    I will update this extension ASAP.

  10. jerkoo says:

    thx++, great !

    it would be very usefull to see immediatly if a page is valid W3C with a color button ie (like HTML validator with Firefox)

  11. christian says:

    I agree with you jerkoo.
    Lot of work need to be done. I’m doing things as fast as possible.

    By the way, extension auto-update only work when installing the extension from the official extension gallery from google. Check it out:

  12. Gavin says:

    When this is available for use on Mac, I’m deleting Firefox. Or at least getting it out of my dock.

  13. matthew says:

    small usability enhancement: when clicking an item, the “menu” closes up, what about leaving it open on, say, a right-click?

  14. Vinnie says:

    Promising set of tools. However the view page source option seems to have the same issue present in Chrome already: That is, it appears to reload the page to obtain the source, which doesn’t work properly when viewing the source of a page generated from a form submission. In my case, I tried to view a page that was generated after submitting a form (the page simply displays form data submitted), but the view source option came back with a page that said “internal server error”, as if it reloaded the page by re-running the form submission script on the server.

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