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Its simple interface is quite fast, since it uses AJAX request to services straight from youtube video page. A progress bar indicate your converting progress.
1.4 – Improved accuracy.
1.3 – Fixed target text
1.2 – Downloading message (displayed when completed), is now a link to the file
1.1 – New Logo;  accuracy improved , gradient progress bar
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  1. iettafune says:

    fantastic 🙂

  2. zoqui says:

    Hi IEttafune,
    I’m glad to hear that you like it,
    Thank you for using youtubevoice.

    happy listening

    Marco Zoqui

  3. Waleed says:

    Great extension Zoqui!

    I will write about it on Arabic websites. It’s really very useful!

    Keep the excellent work!


  4. zoqui says:

    Hi Waleed,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement.
    happy listening,
    Marco Zoqui

  5. Waleed says:

    Hi again Marco,

    I have just noticed that the connection process is a little slow. I hope you can improve it soon.

    Best wishes


  6. zoqui says:

    Hi Waleed,
    Unfortunately, I can’t improve the audio conversion when in client side.
    as described (option MORE), this specific task is performed by The youtubevoice is responsible for send and receive messages from/to video2mp3 server.
    I will take your opnion in account, and search for other options on web.
    happy listening.

  7. Malhi says:

    It is very useful. I like it very …. much.
    Thanks for posting such a amazing addon.
    Keep it up.

  8. zoqui says:

    Hi Malhi,
    thank you very much.
    Hope that you will enjoy tons of good music.

    Happy Listening.

    Hey, I’d like to invite you to try my other extension: concal

  9. icyringo says:

    will this give my computer aids?

  10. bricks says:

    .awesome extension.
    but is there a chance that you could get any sort of malware from it?

  11. zoqui says:

    Hope you enjoy it…

  12. zoqui says:

    Hi bricks,
    Thank you using youtubevoice.
    It all depend on what will be received from You may have a look at extension source code, to be sure that is does not connect to any other server other than the video2mp3
    Youtubevoice Google Chrome extension, just make simple and faster the use of, since you don’t need to open a new tab, pasting the youtube url.
    Happy listening.

  13. zoqui says:

    Hi icyringo
    For sure!
    happy listening

  14. aayesha says:

    hye………….thnx fr dis

    bt it dznt work in new (n stupid) youtube…….plz update it……….


  15. zoqui says:

    hi aayesha,
    thank you for reporting this.
    I will take a look at new youtube interface to try to find a way to get it working.
    Hope not all videos are moving to such new interface,
    happy listening.

  16. goforitandy says:

    Fantastic extension. Great for music, Youtube lectures, research etc.

    Well done and thanks!

  17. zoqui says:

    Hi Andy? (go for it Andy?)
    Nice to know that you enjoy youtubevoice.
    thank you very much for using it.
    happy listening,

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  19. zoqui says:

    Thank you for posting the italian review.

  20. Savan says:

    Super !!! Love it !! Excelent !! waooo!! 😀 😀 Great!! just great!!

  21. Hi Savan,
    thank your incentives words.
    hope you enjoy it
    happy listening

  22. sofie says:

    hey! 🙂
    is it possible that the music comes with a virus.. ?

  23. Hi Sofie,
    video2mp3 is doing the conversion. Youtubevoice does not create the mp3 file, just request its creation.
    But, till now I’ve never heard about it.
    happy listening

  24. Mike says:

    Hi great ext works well…I have noticed one thing that could be improved. If there is another flash asset on the page it will download the song more than once. Usually three times, this happens when there’s a flash ad top right.

    Thanks for this great plugin


  25. Hi Mike,
    thank you for your precious and detailed report. There will be some improves in the next release, and your post will be take in account.
    happy listening.

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  27. Gaetano says:

    Hi Zoqui, it’s a pleasure for me to review this software and linking your site.
    Thanks for the reply.


  28. Jonathan says:

    Thanks heaps !!!

  29. Hi hdfsi,
    thank’s for posting your review.
    happy listening

  30. Hi Jonathan,
    nice you enjoy it,
    happy listening,

  31. Gaetano, is great – just translated some of your posts.

  32. Xenovann says:

    Garbage, you click it and it takes you to another site, then it downloads there and you have to download it again for yourself only this time it says itll take an hr.

  33. Midnight Phantom Illusion,
    Would you mind giving some more details about problem you are facing?
    Maybe I can help you.

  34. kamranhaikal says:

    so simple and finally a mp3 download app that works, thank you!

  35. Aline says:

    It works fine, didn’t have any problems. Thanks to the developer!

  36. dd says:

    thanks so much! this works very well for me. What a guy!

  37. senad says:

    best extension ever !!!

  38. thank you senad.
    hope you enjoy hours of good listening…
    happy listening.

  39. kamranhaaikal, and dd,
    it’s pleasure to build it, and also make it available for kindly person like you both.
    happy listening

  40. venos says:

    Very nice extension and works just fine!!!!Thank you

  41. NoNotaro129 says:

    I like this extension a lot, very easy to use.

  42. Amp2140 says:

    I love this extension. I don’t think it works with the new chrome update. Is anyone else finding that?

  43. abbas says:

    awsome the best xtention evar !!

  44. César says:

    Great extension. But why does it not have the option to select the desired bit-rate of the song that one is trying to obtain? And why in the hell does it have to be 64 Kb/s? 128 should be the reasonable minimum.

  45. eliasp says:

    Why does this extension demand access to?:
    – All websites
    – The complete browser history

    That’s not acceptable at all – the browser history shouldn’t be needed at all and for the website access, only and a 3rd party provider for the MP3 extraction should be needed.

    Please update the extension accordingly!

  46. Flug_in says:

    Fantastic ! 😀
    I love it !!!
    FABULOUS !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  47. Hi EliasSP,
    sorry, by the time the extension was develop, chrome was not so restrictive.

  48. Sofia says:

    Whats happening with youtubevoice – Version: 1.5? I cant download anything form youtube

  49. Rishav says:

    Such a wondrous application. Thanks a ton mate!

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