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  1. joestrong says:

    Not a bad extension, but would be better if you used a nicer whois site. I recommend as it looks nicer and gives more information like DNS records.

  2. Jon says:

    Not a bad try, works well enough with .com’s, .orgs etc. I would however like to see support for’s,’s or any other domain endings with more than one part to them. I also think you should try a different WHOIS lookup website. I’ve used in the past which works well enough. The one suggested above also seems to work quite well.

  3. Doctor says:

    joestrong, +1, for exaple, can’t find russian sites 🙁
    please use other whois-service.

  4. lemulot says:

    Like joestrong, very good work, but bad choice for whois website ..

  5. I chose because I have control over its content, in fact I updated the service which now supports .ru domains (and a lot more) and adds additionsl informations like IP geolocation.

    I plan on updating it again in the future.

  6. Alessandro Zanardi says:

    It would be awesome if instead of “i” Icon in the address bar, it displays the icon flag of the country in which that website is.
    To be clearer, i mean what Flagfox does for firefox.
    It was the last missin part of my chrome: Now i can uninstall firefox.
    Thanks 😉

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