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Convert Unix Epoch timestamps to human readable dates (and dates to timestamps) easily and quickly with the Utime extension.

Utime can be accessed 3 different ways within your browser:

* Main Pop-open window opened from the Utime icon on your toolbar.
From here you can choose to convert a timestamp to a human date, or enter in a human date and convert it to a timestamp. Clicking "Convert" for either the timestamp or date fields without filling in any fields will use the current date.

* The address bar or "Omnibox" via Utime's "ut" keyword (UPDATED v.1.2)
In the address bar, simply type in "ut" and press Tab to interact with the Utime extension. From there, you can start typing in (or paste in) a timestamp of date. Utime will automatically attempt to convert your input as you type it, and the results will be displayed in the suggestions box below. Press the down arrow to select one of the conversion results so you can cut/copy or manipulate the text as you see fit.

Pro Tip!
In the omnibox, type:  "ut [Tab] now" to quickly get the current timestamp.

* Right-click context menu on text selections
If you right click on selected text within a webpage, you will have an additional "Utime" menu item, with 2 sub items that allow you to instantly convert the text into its associated timestamp or date if it is valid. A successful conversion again will open the result in a prompt pop-up window to be copied and saved as you wish.

version 1.2.2
* Updated extension permissions (Removed several permissions that were unintentionally left in from a dev version, but are not needed).

version 1.2
* Added an Options page for the extension (accessible via either right clicking the extension icon and selecting "Options" or clicking the "gear" icon in the Utime pop-open window.
* In Options you can now set an Hour offset (positive or negative) which will be applied to all conversion results.
* Updated the Omnibox interface to the extension. Conversions done from the omnibox are now processed on-the-fly as you type and displayed directly in the suggestions dropdown box. Once you are finished typing a timestamp or date into the box, just hit the down arrow to select your desired conversion result.
* Added Shortcut: Typing "ut [Tab] now" in the omnibox will now give you the current timestamp.

version 1.1.1
* Updated extension icon

version 1.1
* Textboxes in the pop-open dialog now allow keyboard shortcut commands (cut, copy, paste, ect.)
* State of the pop-open window is now saved when closed and re-opened
* Clicking "Convert" for either the timestamp field or human date fields in the pop-open dialog when the fields are empty will now use the current date.

* Formatting options for human readable date output

If there is any other options/features you would like to see, please let me know!

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