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Adds some useful functions to tables. 

When you have a table you want to work on, click the 'Totalizer' icon in the toolbar. When it lights up, you can now right click on a table column and choose a simple spreadsheet function from the following:
  - Sum (calculate the total)
  - Average (work out the average)
  - Min (find the smallest or most negative value)
  - Max (find the biggest value)
  - Count (count the number of values in the column)

The result will be added to the bottom of the column.

The 'Exclude Cell' option can be used to remove cells from the function if required. 'Exclude Row' does the same thing for each cell in the current row. Both can be undone by repeating. 'Clear' will remove the function from the column.

Note: This obviously works best with columns containing numeric values! Anything that's not a digit, '+', '-' or '.' will be ignored. Results are displayed to two decimal places.

TODO: Add 'programmable cells', eg A1+B2, etc.

Version History:
0.5 Added enable/disable button
0.4 Fixed a bug in column highlighting
0.3 Included cells highlighted on hover
    Exclude row option added
    Exclude is now a toggle
    Better column selection
0.2 Updated description
0.1 First working version

Uses Joe Walnes's neat jquery context menu plugin (

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