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To open the address bar, click on the black arrow in the toolstrip area.

To close it, click on the rightmost arrow while holding Ctrl button.
Any text containing a dot . will be treated as an address, and if TAB does not find a dot it searches for that text on Google.

Change Log:

+ Back and Forward buttons

+ autoupdate
+ compatibility with https://, ftp:// and file:// locations

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.5.6
    Compatible With

    An extension that adds an address bar to the toolstrip area, for people browsing in full screen.

    Change Log:



  1. I have this plugin installed but whenever I go into fullscreen mode the toolstrip bar is hidden…is there any settings to fix this?

  2. arpy says:

    Well…, I want to try it, but everytime I use full screen mode, the place where should the extension be [I think it’s called “toolstrip” but I’m not sure], hides, so I can’t use the extension

  3. pcki11 says:

    Yeah, apparently chrome team “fixed” toolstrip bar so it would not appear in fullscreen…

  4. arpy says:

    I’ve seen that when you open a new tab in full screen mode the toolstrip bar appears, so you can use it in new tabs

  5. Johnny says:

    How can I change the search engine used for the extension?

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