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I've written spread to see if it helps to overcome tl;dr (too long, didn't read) problems. 

Works as described below:
- Highligt the text you'd like to read faster
- "speed read this text" button will pop up, click it.
- reader area will pop up in the middl of the screen
- click start, and play with settings as you desire

It has no proof of any kind about whether it solves the problem :)

Features that might be hidden due to my lack of sense of aestethics:
 - you can resize the reader panel by dragging from the corners
- clicking anywhere out of the reader will close the reader


  1. bonibonka says:

    How is this suppose to work?
    mine doesnt do anything. its on Full.

  2. altunyurt says:

    just select the section you want to read faster, a button will show up. click the buttn to start spread.

  3. says:

    ahah, its more likely to give you a headache.

    but its real fun though! nice work

  4. Jake says:

    very promising. i would like to see this developed further, e.g. statistics would be nice, and although html doesn’t strictly have margins i would like to see whole lines at a time (maybe an option for line length.)

  5. Owen says:

    I can t get it either…

  6. awesomer says:

    i think that this is a really good idea and really cool
    its pretty effective and i was reading faster than i expected
    good job!

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