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This extension allows users to search and the drupal  API quickly.

You can use "6:keyword" or "7:keyword" to search the drupal API.


  1. Chaos says:

    Clean and simple. very useful.

  2. ProLoser says:

    Why can’t you just use google chrome’s built in address bar search engines instead of loading extra buttons and memory consuming extensions?

    Preferences > Basic > Manage (Next to Default Search)
    Add a new one and make the keyword ‘d’ and the url ‘’

    Now just type ‘d your search query here’ into the address bar 🙂

  3. Steven says:


    you are right. we can do this with chrome but this extension here makes everything easier. searching the api and modules is quick and easy. and who said its memory consuming?

  4. sivaji says:

    I agree with ProLoser. It would be nice if this extension work similar to Google dictionary extension i.e it opens the search results in a small popup in the current tab.

    I am planning to develop something similar. Will keep you posted when i am done.

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