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Notes :
  • 5 color available for penning your notes.
  • 4 categories provided to organise your notes in a better way.


  • Offen you forget the things you are suppose to do on time , often get late in getting ready for some meeting while you were too busy in you work , can now set up a reminder in your chrome browser that will notify u with a popup and a sound alert so that you never miss or get delay in your meetings.

Dates :

Want to have a system that can remind you about your important dates (daily,monthly or yearly) ? Here is the feature available to you .
  • Can set an alert for your daily / monthly / yearly important dates.
  • Will notify you with a pop-up notification and a sound alert
  • Daily / Monthly / Yearly dates will be automatically updated every day so that you dont need to manually edit dates content

Extra Feature’s :

  • Data is stored locally , thus works in offline also mode.
  • Notify even when extension tab is close. ( Just need chrome to be running ).

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