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Basically, the extension utilizes a web service to get your IP and geo-location.

The service used is at
No data is collected or saved anywhere.


  1. Mama Reviews says:

    Shows up that I’m in Kansas. Good job. lmao! I don’t want anyone to find me. =D

  2. The Truth says:

    Nice idea, TTG. Thanks 🙂

  3. Qiang says:

    How to use it in the ChromePlus version?

  4. @Mama you have to remember that geo-location is based on sifting through large (and mostly inaccurate) databases. The freer the service (and I’m using a free one), the less accurate the geo results are. Sadly though, some of the better paid services will pinpoint you to the street. I’ve played with some of them – but there was no way to include them in an extension.

    In my experience, this service will get your right IP 99% of the time (unless you’re behind a corporate proxy) and your location 55% of the time – mostly if you’re in a large city.


  5. Quack says:

    So all it does is display the ip? It’ s funny thou because my ip shown on the map is like half the state away from me.

  6. @Quack – Yes, it displays your IP 🙂
    I use a free ip/geo location service. I assume it has limited access to ip->geo databases. It yields iffy results on the geolocation, but over 90% on the ip (unless you are behind a corporate proxy).
    I’d love to offer a better geolocation service – as long as I won’t have to pay for it, so if you know of one, let me know and I’ll upgrade the extension.

  7. @Mama – had the same thing happen to me. Right now, it locates me well. 2 days ago, it placed me in Washington state :). I guess the databases accessed by this free service are not up-to-date. Sadly, if someone really wants to locate you, they’ll access the ISP databases and get your address down to the block :(.

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