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This extension notifies you with latest London underground tube updates. You can click on the browser button and check the status of any tube line. By default the extension updates the status in every 5 minutes but you can change the refresh time from options by right clicking on  the icon on the toolbar. Now you can also deselect the tube you are not interested in from the option page.

If there is any delay on tube line, the extension notifies you with the counter over the button. If there is no counter that means all tube lines are running fine.


This extension is not an official Transport for London product. During the development for this extension we have not use any kind of API provided by Transport for London. This extension is just a non profitable experiment for testing Google chrome extension capabilities. If there is any kind of legal liabilities to show London underground status without TFL permission please contact the developer at [email protected] .We are happy to remove the extension for public use.

Change Log:

1. Duplicate results issue fixed. 

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  1. Version 1.3.2
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    London Underground tube updates.

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  1. Sayantan says:

    does not work for google chrome v5 on linux

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