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Typer helper – offers completion suggestion and translation (Hebrew/English) of last typed word.

~Tired of typing those long long words?
~Don’t remember how to spell the rest of the word?
~Want to get a quick translation of a word?

We have the ultimate solution for you!

LazyTyper adds a special enhancement to all input boxes at every website.
The enhancement will allow you to get suggestion box for the last typed word.

— To call the suggestion box simply hit Ctrl+Space and suggestion box with completion suggestion will pop up.
— To get translation of the word hit Ctrl+Space again and the box will automatically detect the language of the word and give you suggestion for translation to the other language.
— To switch between mods while the box is open, hit the combination again.
— If you want to pick one of the suggestion, use the down arrow key and Enter to select one of the lines in the box. LazyTyper will automatically update the text in the input box with your selection.
— If you don’t want to pick a suggestion, simply continue typing and the box will disappear by itself.

**Uses powerful Google based services to get all the suggestions.
** No need to use mouse while typing.
** Advanced positioning of the box relatively to caret position.
** Compilers-like interaction with web page text.

The Extension was built by Gil Friedman and Or Shachar as part of Internet Technologies class @ The Hebrew University.
Enjoy using it!

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More about this extension

While typing text into a text-area simple press Ctrl+space to make a popup window show with completion suggestions, clicking Ctrl-space again will switch the mod between completion and translation and you will get the translation of the last typed word.

Once the pop up is open, simple hit the down arrow key to starting scrolling through the options, when you find your desired option, hit enter and the last typed word would be replaced with the chosen text (Works both for completion and translation).

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