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Google Bookmarks Button is a chrome extension that will put a Google bookmark button on your chrome browsers toolbar. The button shows if your not logged in, if not then click the link to log in, if you are logged in then the number of bookmarks is displayed and a drop down of your google bookmarks ordered by label

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Updated version:

Include new icons
Display count on icon
Login if not logged in

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Simple button that when logged into "Google Bookmarks" will display your google bookmarks You must be already logged in!

    Change Log:


  1. tm says:

    Good idea but:
    * Doesn’t work with Chromium (30925). There is only “+” icon in the navigation bar.
    * try to use the google star icon instead of the the “+”

  2. poof says:

    Finally a nice way to view your Google Bookmarks in Chrome, I was waiting for this thank you!

  3. leo says:

    it will be great if can combine with bookmark star in the omnibox (that can add bookmark and show bookmark status) as in GBX bookmark extension for chrome

  4. DivinoAG says:

    Doesn’t seem to work on Developer build The button is there, it does display the count, but clicking on the button makes it look pressed without opening the bookmark list.

    From the screenshots it seems it only opens a window with the Google Bookmarks page. If I may give you suggestion for a future build, there is a Firefox plugin called GMarks that creates a menu with all bookmarks, and gives the user an option to choose a character to search for on the tags, allowing it to create sub-folders from those tags.

    This option is because when you import bookmarks from Firefox to Google Bookmarks, for example, it creates tags like “Software:Games:FPS” or “Software:Design:3D” for each bookmark, and setting that character for “:” will create a structure such as this:

    — Games
    —— FPS
    —— Strategy
    — Design
    —— 3D

    It would be great if your plugin could parse the list and make something similar. Thanks a lot for the effort, I’ll be watching this one closely.

  5. tm says:

    work finally in version 0.2. Thank you! It’s a very good solution if you have 0-100 bookmarks.
    But with 1500 bookmarks, the popup load very slowly… Anyway to add a dynamic search field or a menu to pin a tag like in the official igoogle bookmarks gadget?

  6. rod says:

    Very good extension!
    My drop down box is very narrow, and some of the links are long, any way it can be user set?

  7. FrostyC says:

    Icon shows up, displays the # of bookmarks, but when clicked, does nothing…

    I am using Chromium (Ubuntu build 29510)

  8. Ted Calvin says:

    A way to scroll through the bookmarks, so they could all be seen would be really nice.

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