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Compose an email with a simple click of the mouse.  The compose box is taken from the iGoogle gadget compose URL.

Known issues of current version:
  • Uses non-secure URL – Implement an SSL option like Google Reader Checker.
  • Only the email address shows up in the “From” field of the sent email.
  • “Always use https” message comes up after email is sent.


  1. NNois says:

    Great ! maybe it’s possible to add google apps support ?

  2. guitruong says:

    Great idea, but it doesn’t work for me…
    When I click on the button, I only get a blank pop up…

  3. RmaN says:

    great.can you make it really like google compose page and even put some usefull labs like image in page in it? this will sound great.

  4. Dima says:

    there is a problem if the icon is on the left side of the chrome – the pop up window open’s outside the screen (on right to left windows like hebrew, arabic…)

  5. Jasper naterop says:

    Great but could you add the attachment-feature?

  6. DaVince says:

    Nice idea! But I have one gripe with it: once I click outside the extension area (for example on a web page), the extension window closes AND discards my email text. What if I wanted to copy-paste some text from a website? My email content would be gone! So I’d prefer it if the text stayed there unless discard was clicked (or perhaps a close button, which I’m also missing).

    I’m trying out Chrome OS, mind you, so it might just not be saving things if it’s supposed to do this already.

  7. Milan Svec says:

    The Gmail gadget does not support the “Always use https” preference that I’ve selected in my Gmail settings.
    It works well via Chrome OS (writing direct from ASUS Eee 701 2GB RAM, Chrome OS on SD card).

  8. Dunkaz says:

    On a simple mail, I got response message that https: setting on my Gmail was not supported.
    The email was still sent, and received in duplicate.

    I also tried the copy/paste into a mail and the already entered text was lost, also there is no right-click support for the paste, Ctrl+V works as expected.

    This will be good and useful when you get the little snags ironed out.
    XP SP3 / Chrome 4.xx Dev

  9. Gabriel R. says:

    I think the gmailthis bookmarklet is better. But if you can add that feature that I vote yes for this.

  10. willgk says:

    Awesome start for an extension, however, it has a long way to go before it’s viable usability wise. Please ensure that you have support for tabs between elements, nobody likes to click on the to field, then the subject field, then the data field, that’s too many extra steps that tab keys would get around easily.

    Please ensure the HTTPS option is available too as it is set by default on most gmail accounts.

    Thanks for taking your time to develop this extension!

  11. Voltron43 says:

    Official version 0.2 has been published on Google’s website

  12. Casey says:

    I’m getting a blank window too.

    Other extentions:
    ChromeTouch shortner
    MK Undo ClosedTab

  13. Atsakiris says:

    thx for this, but I need something to work like in firefox… right-click then choose gmail or g-apps account then go to compose email screen in new tab.


  14. Gz78 says:

    I have the same issue that guitruong posted on Dec. 2. Just a blank drop-down. The developer’s website (accessible from the extension’s options) is a dead link, and the support link above redirects to this very same page, which is not helpful…

    So that said, really cool idea. I wish it worked!

  15. Tony Bianco says:

    Google Apps support would be awesome! do you have any plans for that?

  16. wqjin says:

    try and test it !

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