FlickrNotifications - 1.0.3

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Provides a visual indication of new posts in selected Flickr Discussion groups, Flickr Discussion threads, Flickr Photo pages, .. FlickrMail style.
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  • 1.0.3
  • GPL
  • alesadam
  • Stable Builds

More about this extension

The Flickr Notifications extension notifies when unread posts are available in your favorite groups, or selected photo pages, new members in a group, new photos in a photostream, …
With this extension you can define a watch on
. discussion pages (notifies of new posts)
. discussion threads (notifies of new posts)
. photo pages (notifies of new comments)
. photostreams (notifies of new photos)
. group members (notifies of new members)
. group pools (notifies of new photos)
. group pool ‘pending items’ (notifies of new photos)
. reversed contacts (notifies when someone adds you as a contact)
. help forums (notifies of new posts)
. help forum topics (notifies of new posts)
And as a nice side-effect, it has reduced my number of Flickr tabs considerably!


To follow up on discussions, one can use the RSS feed for the group. This works very well.
Unless it is a private group: no RSS feed is available for private groups.
And there are no RSS feeds for individual threads.
This extension is not limited to private groups, though.

Adding a group’s discussions page

. go to the Discuss page of the group you want notifications for
. click the ‘+’ icon next to your FlickrMail envelope:
You will find the ‘+’ icon on any of the other pages that are supported.

Removing a group’s discussions page

. go to the Discuss page of the group you no longer want notifications for
. click the ‘-‘ icon next to your FlickrMail envelope:

(or use the preferences dialog)

You will find the ‘-‘ icon on any of the other pages that are supported, and that are in your watch list.


On almost any Flickr page, you will be notified if a new item is available in any of the selected pages:

You can click any of the envelopes to go to the selected group, or topic, or photo. Hovering the mouse over an envelope will show the group’s name, or the topic’s title, or the photo’s title and owner, as a popup title.
On the Discuss page of a selected group, the replies column of threads with new posts (or new threads) are highlighted and show the number of new posts in that thread.


In the Flickr Organize & Create menu item, you’ll find a new topic: New Flickr Post Notifications:

It will open the preferences dialog:
Screenshot - 05312010 - 08:36:10 AM

delay between checks
By default, the extension will check for new posts in all of your selected items on every Flickr page visit. With this option you can change the time that the extension will wait before it checks for new posts.
You can define a different delay for every supported selection type.

go to thread’s last page
By default, the link on the envelopes take you to the first page of the thread. Most threads don’t span multiple pages, so that’s fine. For threads that span multiple pages, this preferences will take you to the last page, where the new posts are.
Applicable for selected discussion threads, help forum items, and photo pages.

compact envelope style
By default, the extension shows the number of new posts between brackets right of the envelope, just like the FlickrMail notification. This option will put the number of new posts on top of the envelope itself, saving some screen space. Looks better in Google Chrome than in Firefox:
Screenshot - New Flickr Posts Notification

colorize new posts
The extension will indicate new posts in a discussion thread, if it knows the exact number of new posts. Only works if you are on the last page of a discussion thread (or help forum item, or photo page), so it’s best used together with the go to thread’s last page preference.
If there are more unread posts than the ones on the page, the prev button of the paginator will also be colorized.


Click the blue arrow to expand/collapse the category.

delay between checks: for every supported selection type, you can change the time that the extension will wait before it checks for new posts, for that type

For each item in your watch-list, there is a remove icon, and an icon to change the envelope’s background color, and a selection box to override the category’s default for the delay time.

remove icon: click the remove icon to remove the photo/thread/group from your watch-list; the item will not be removed until you click the OK button

background color icon: click the background color icon to reveal the color picker; select a color; it will be used as a background color for the item’s envelope; the background color icon will reflect the chosen color;
the background color will be set on the envelope when you click the OKbutton

OK button stores the changed preferences, without the need for a page reload.
Cancel button closes the preferences dialog, without saving any of the changes made

Note about the use of delays

If you watch both a group, and some individual threads within that group, and you define a check delay for your threads, you could get confused by the numbers you get to see 🙂

Imagine the following situation:
. you added this thread to the watch-list, and have a check delay set for selected threads of 30 minutes
. you also added this group to the watch-list, and have a check delay for selected groups set to only 1 minute
. someone posts in this thread
. you open some Flickr page, less then 30 minutes after the extension has checked for new posts in selected threads, but more than 1 minute after it last checked for new posts in selected groups
. the extension will show (1 new) in the envelope for the Flickr Hacks group, but not in the envelope for 


. The extension only checks the first Discuss page of any group.
. To keep its information, the extension uses local storage, which is not shared between browsers: if you read new posts with FF, and then switch to Chrome, it will still see those posts as new.
. If a comment is removed, and a new comment is posted before the extension could record the removed post, the new comment will not be counted (and similar for any of the other supported pages).
. If you add a comment to a watched thread, and someone posts a comment before you press POST NOW, the extension will miss that other person’s post.

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