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Faraday’s book is an application that is focused on fixing common issues we encounter while dealing with notes. A few of these are:

Notes might be stored in our email inbox.
As a result: Our notes and emails are all together in a single view in our inbox. To remedy this, we might label our notes and are forced to commit to memory the labels and notes. Additionally, we can label only the items in our inbox (or what we receive) and not our thoughts.

We might store our notes on the hard disk.
As a result: We are forced to organize a folder structure to categorize our notes, which we may not follow eventually. Also, since they reside on a single computer, they are unavailable from other computers or locations, unless we carry a physical copy of the files with us everywhere.

We may put the notes down on paper.
As a result: As our notes increase, so do the stack of paper we have to carry around with us. This could be inconvenient at most times; and eventually, some of the paper might get lost or torn, leaving us with incomplete or fragmented notes.

By theory, a ‘note’ is just a statement that needs to be remembered. And yet, a note is self-referential. This means, the note itself contains the data which is needed to categorize and remember it. Faraday’s book treats words in a note as tags. All that is needed is to type in meaningful words which complete your note, and Faraday’s book will extract each keyword and tag them. So, when you wish to retrieve a note, all you have to do is scroll through the tag list and select a tag (each tag has a count of the number of occurrences of the tag has been in all notes). This will display each of the notes which contain that tag.

This solves the issue of your notes getting lost in your emails, or having to search your notes within your computer. Since your notes are now online, you can browse through your notes from anywhere at your leisure and convenience. In addition, if you have forgotten any notes, browsing through your tag list can help retrieve notes that may have otherwise been lost forever.

In summary, Faraday’s book is revolutionizing the way you organize (store / retrieve / refer) your notes.

Change Log:

- Fixed bug with post just after login

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0
    Compatible With

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.1
    Compatible With

    Change Log:

    - Changed "My Account" like to "My Notes"

    - Improved Logging of requests made from the client.

  3. Version 1.11
    Compatible With

    Change Log:

    - Fixed bug with onready function

  4. Version 1.12
    Compatible With

    Change Log:

    - Added more logging for activity in the extension


  1. prakashraman says:

    Please do NOT download “Version 1.1”, there was bug in that version and it has been fixed in the latest version “Version 1.11”.

    Prakash Raman, Creator of Faraday’s Book.

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