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The Problem is well known – You plan a productive day, start of well with you cup of coffee,
and just open facebook for a second to verify you’re not missing any birthdays today.
Half an hour later, and there isn’t a status you haven’t read, or an album you haven’t commented.
Our chrome add-on helps you concentrate, and just “FaceAway” all those other sites.
See “More about this extension” for further information.

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More about this extension

FaceAway allows you to block unwanted sited. Basically, when trying to access a prohibited site, “FaceAway” will simply redirect you to a different site you had previously chosen.
We hope this will increase your productivity. We sure know this will increase our upcoming test reasults.
Sounds great, how do I install it?
It’s easy to use – just click “Add to chrome” and allow chrome to download and install our extension.
After installing, chrome will automatically take you the the “options” menu, there you can enter you login and decide on the intervals between server-chrome syncs.
But wait, I don’t have a login yet!
No problem at all, there’s a “sign up here” link at the bottom of the options menu, This will take you to our site, and will allow you to create a new user or change the preferences on your current one. Here you can configure both the unwanted sites, and a default site to be directed to instead.
I created a login, now what?
Now, simply go back to the option’s page (Tools/Extensions on chrome) and enter your new login. That’s it!
“FaceAway” remembers your login so you don’t need to reenter it each time.
So now FaceAway is working?
You can always check the icon’s color to see if you are currently enabling “FaceAway” to help you.
Simply click the icon to change the current state to on/off.
And if I have more than one computer?
You can use your login anywhere you’d like! Simply log in the chrome you’re currently using with you already created login.
Can I enter any site I want?
Yes.This extension was built for you, so we chose flexabilty over strict behavior.  We don’t check any of you input, if you love blocking sites that don’t exist – go right ahead..

This extension was created as a homework project, huji 2011.

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