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You probably ask yourself: Why do I need another eBay search tool?

Here are some of the points that will help you to answer that question:

*** eBay Box helps you to save money and time while shopping online.
*** eBay Box supports search in US, UK and German locales.
*** eBay Box is the simplest and fastest way to search in eBay without leaving the page.
*** eBay Box has advanced search options for refining your search results.
*** eBay Box has search auto-complete feature based on Google suggestions engine.
*** eBay Box has a very powerful search of any highlighted text on the page with a single click.
*** eBay Box automatically finds in real-time the best deals on eBay for every product you’re browsing on major retailers websites like Amazon.
*** eBay Box allows you to filter products that are available to your country.
*** eBay Box lets you choose if showing the results in a toolbar popup or in a new TAB using eBay web search.
*** eBay Box is completely free with a user friendly interface. Navigate within search results with keyboard left/right, PageUp/PageDown and Enter/Backspace
*** eBay Box is not collecting any of you private data. It respects your privacy.

We hope that this extension will be helpful for you.

Using notes (short manual):

*** Open the extension options. Configure the right settings for you.
*** Highlight any text on the page and click the extension button. It will search for the highlighted text in eBay.
*** Click the extension button. Start typing search query. The extension will suggest you popular search terms.
*** If in the options you have not selected 'Open results in a new TAB' then the results will be displayed at the popup. Navigate through them even without a mouse:
Left/Right - Select previous/next item
PageUp/PageDown - Go to previous/next page
Enter/Backspace - Show more details/return to the items page
*** Go to some retailer product page. For example at Click extension button. It will automatically search for the product displayed.

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