Custom Colors - 1.0

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This is based on

Here are a few differences:
1) Handles Ajax Requests
2) Colors are customizable. But, unlike the original extension, you can’t customize when to activate/disable it. **No Browser actions!**
3) **No white flashes** when moving from page to page

  • 1.0
  • GPL
  • hassenben
  • Developer Builds (Linux).Beta Builds

More about this extension

1) Download crx file and install
2) Go to options to customize the colors
3) You might need to restart
Tested on Linux-Chrome
To Developers:
Feel free to offer suggestions. Especially if you have  a good idea on how to handle “visited links”.
I’m open to improvements and customization as long as the white flashes are avoided. 
At the moment, this extension lacks customization options because of the way we inject the CSS in order to avoid white flashes. If you have a better idea, let me know.


  1. inky says:

    Nice idea, although there is now a kind of blueish white flash at page load. It is a shorter flash than the other extension but still noticeable. Plus, pages seem to take longer to load. It needs an option to disable enable on the fly because some websites don’t function properly with custom colors. Firefox has something called PrefBar. I don’t know if you could base it on that.

  2. charlie says:

    i definitely need this; its a little slow for me though (vista, chrome). really useful for those late nights- all the white blinds me 🙁

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