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ChromeMUSE is an extension to facilitate the use of URL shortening services. A short URL can be generated for any web page, using the user’s preferred shortening service. The short URL is automatically copied to the clipboard to paste into other applications.

ChromeMUSE also automatically expands short URLs on any page, replacing the target URL with the original URL and displays the page title as a tooltip. The URL expansion is provided by, which handles links from more than 200 services.


  • Shorten URLs with one-click operation (the shortened URL is automatically copied to clipboard).
  • Supports login credentials (for services like and Cligs).
  • Scans web pages for short URLs and automatically updates the target URL. The title of the website is displayed as a tooltip when available.
  • Supports dynamically updated (AJAX) websites (eg. without having to refresh the page.

ChromeMUSE supports all the popular services such as,,, TinyURL, and more to be added upon request. The full list of supported services can be found here:

    Configuration Guide

    Change Log:


    • Extension now hosted on Google Chrome Extensions Gallery
    Installing this version will allow you to update to all future versions automatically.

    Older Versions

    1. Version 1.0
      Compatible With
      Developer Builds
      Developer Builds (Linux)

      Shorten and expand URLs by different service providers.

      Change Log:


    2. Version 1.1
      Compatible With
      Developer Builds (Linux)
      Developer Builds

      Shorten and expand URLs by different service providers.

      Change Log:

      Version 1.1
      • Now works as a PageAction instead of BrowserAction (icon appears in OmniBox)
      • Implemented simple/advanced shorten modes
      • Added support for supplying login credentials (eg. for, Cligs)
      • Replace short URL href with expanded link, display title in tooltip
      • Auto-update should work properly now
      • Added to list of services
      • Minor bug fixes and error catching

    3. Version 1.1.2
      Compatible With
      Developer Builds (Linux)
      Developer Builds

      Shorten and expand URLs by different service providers.

      Change Log:

      Version 1.1.2

      • Display error messages
      • Fixed auto-update issue (Chrome does not update extensions on 302 redirect)
      • Fixed bug with authentication
      • Added support for Threely


    1. voythas says:

      Works fine for me on Chrome, Windows 7 (x64).

    2. Luc VN says:

      Thanks for this nice extension…

      It would be great if you had the complete list in the popup Shortlink
      Cligs Shortlink Shortlink
      TinyURL Shortlink Shortlink Shortlink
      and all the shortened ones just beside them
      Click on the one of your choice to close the popup and copy the short link to the clipboard

      Just an idea…

    3. Devon says:

      Doesn’t do anything. Says “shortening URL” forever… 🙁

    4. Shift says:

      nice extension thanks

    5. lemulot says:

      nice, but I prefer in the address bar.

    6. Petrovi4 says:

      It works perfectly! And it can generate short links even for my local sites
      Big thanks

    7. Marco Buongiorno says:

      Test comments still blocked?

    8. Nighthound says:

      lemulot: what do you mean in the address bar?

    9. Benoît says:

      Please add support. See website ( for API information.

    10. kuber says:

      I uninstalled 1.0 and reinstalled 1.1 (the page action one) from this page. The short url expander doesn’t work any more on

    11. Nighthound says:

      @Benoit: I’ve added support for in version 1.1.2

      @kuber: please uninstall and reinstall version 1.1.2. I just checked and the links are expanding properly. Did you enable the checkbox for Expand URLs in the extension options page? Let me know if it’s still not working for you.

    12. Marco Buongiorno says:

      Comments are always automatically deleted here, so another try:

      Can you please add API? Right now it’s using your API settings

    13. Nighthound says:

      @Marco: requires an API login and key in order to shorten urls. My extension will use its own API credentials by default. If you wish to use use your own login and key, you can input through the options page.

      Click on the Options button in your extensions page, choose in the Simple Mode Default, and the enter the API login and key, and click on save.

    14. Marco Buongiorno says:

      @Nighthound I could swear yesterday “options” wasn’t enabled 😐 Well, THANKS… :-$

    15. Kunal says:

      i dont understand how the expander works :S please help!

    16. Ike says:

      Nighthound, this is excellent. The LongURL inclusion by itself is great!

      I use a home-rolled shortener through the YOURLS API.

      Any way we can add in an option for tying that in? (The YOURLS API is the same for all installations, we’d just need an input line for the exact url. I looked through what I could in the script, and didn’t see the library where the current eight services are housed…)

    17. Nighthound says:

      @Kunal and @Ike, please read the configuration guide here:

    18. amin says:

      This doesn’t work for me when I select as shortner. I’m on Mac (OSX 10.6.3). I get the error message: “You must be authenticated to access shorten” but I’m very sure that my username (lowcase letters) and API are all good. If I shortnen withouth my account it DOEs work.

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