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Exciting, playful and FUN – that’s what Babe of the Day is all about. With more the 900 unique photos and counting, Babe of the Day shows you a beautiful model every time you open a new tab. And with a Google search field always within your reach, Babe of the Day is more useful than ever! Version 2.0 features better usability, new document search, many more new faces and a handy “Boss Button” that lets you hide the girl with a single click. Get it now – for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome – it’s free!

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More Babes More Fun

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  1. Version 2.1
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    See a new Babe each time you open a new tab. + All Google searches at your reach.

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  1. Matt K says:

    This would be a cool extension if you could change the image list. Like, to an rss feed or something. I’d like to see something cool everytime I open a tab (like amazing wallpapers, pictures of nature), rather than some “babes”.

  2. lars says:

    Just awesome.
    Love it!

  3. Turbis says:

    Useless. Replaces the favourites-page with a search bar-

  4. […] you a sexy male model every time you open a new tab. Its the male version of the Babe of the Day: B – one of the greatest hits on […]

  5. Clay says:

    This is great, just needs some NSFW pics 😉

    BTW my only gripe is that it glitched and now I only see this one babe and the rating doesn’t show up so it doesn’t let me put never show again, I tried putting it on shuffle didn’t work, repeat didn’t work, disabling and then re-enabling didn’t, work and I have tryed to uninstall and reinstall multiple times… still glitched…

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