Cosmin Popescu

Google Search Scroll - 0.99

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I cannot stand the Google Search shortcuts. I cannot stand that I cannot scroll the page up and down using the cursors.

And what I hate most is the fact that Google is pushing this down on me without the possibility of disabling it (from what I know, the keyboard shortcuts cannot be disabled). The only way to disable this is to sign out from the Google search page, which I don’t want. It would be normal to have a way to turn this off, but Google is acting exactly like Microsoft. We want to have this on our site, so you (the user) have to adapt to it).

So I developed this little extension which is doing exactly this. Without disabling the Google feature (the navigation between results), it also scrolls the page down and up by pressing the cursors.

Before using it, just access the options page and set the usually Google local site that you are using (for example, for me is By default, it would only be active for So, if you want to use it for, for example, go on the options page, type into the “Add a URL” field “” (don’t forget the “http://” part), click on “Add” button and you are ready to go.

Any commentaries, suggestions or whatever you have to say, please send them to [email protected]