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Easy bookmarks quickly through popup. Specially useful for those who like to keep the bookmarks bar hidden.

Supports middle-click for new Tab, left click for open in same tab.
Control+Click for new tab also added (beta)

Change Log:

Improved GUI

Added link title

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  1. Version 1.0
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    An extension to access the bookmarks quickly through popup.

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  1. zz887878zz says:

    nice extension, replacing the whole bar with just a click popup. But it doesnt display ‘other bookmarks’ and subfolders somehow… How about multiple root folder?

  2. ink says:

    i have been coming to this site almost daily waiting for an extension with this functionality and it has finally arrived!!!! ,,,it can use a bit of love but it is sufficient for my needs …thank you very much ..

  3. Angel says:

    Well is OK if wanting to run bookmarks but if wanting run java scripts then it fails badly it seems!
    Nice try but books marks bar not that bad anyway

  4. Mor says:

    You can simply run chrome with “–bookmark-menu” switch, and you’ll have this feature as part of the browser, not as an extension.

    Looks good anyway,

  5. Aimé says:

    There’s already a command line switch in chrome to display a button on the main toolbar near the omnibox which show all the bookmarks

  6. ink says:

    the command line switch doesnt work on linux ..

    why does the pop up show up on the left hand side of the browser and not next to the icon? ..the pop up is too far from icon

    using linux and chromium version

  7. Gabriel says:

    Nice extension, but the main reason we keep the Bookmark bar open is we can use middleclick to open several concurrent pages.

    With your extension, as soon as we hit middle click the popup disappears.. make it stay please.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Oh and also, if you right-click the star icon, it opens the other bookmark section.

    Example: left-click opens bookmark bars, right-click opens other bookmarks

  9. Gabriel says:

    Sorry my ideas just come in waves.

    The Chrome’s toolbar has no color and the star icon has, add an option to make its color chrome-like.

  10. Delvien says:

    I love the idea, and it should be implemented. Your extension is an eyesore though. Colors are terrible, the text looks like crap.

    I still use it though 🙂

  11. Incognito says:

    Hi Sunny,
    Your extension and mine seem to do the same thing, but mine seems to be more advanced.
    Your method for select the root-folder is very nice and convenient. I wonder if I can use your code in mine extension. I think there’s no problem with the GPL license but I prefers ask you.

  12. Gabriel says:

    Hey incognito, ok but I tried configuring and after clicking the star icon a little arrow shows up, and nothing happens.. please check below.
    Is it an issue? Thanks.

    PS: if it doesn’t yet, please make menu stay when opening bookmarks with middleclick.

  13. Gabriel says:


  14. Gabriel says:

    hey sorry posted question above on wrong extension page :/

  15. kuber says:

    corret me if i am wrong, isn’t such a feature already in Chrome? use command switch ‘ –bookmark-menu’ to enable this feature.

  16. Decklin Foster says:

    I’ve patched this to:

    – grab favicons from Google S2 (this is just a stopgap measure until #11854 is fixed, it obviously can’t work on intranet sites)
    – support bookmarklets!

    You can find it here:

    Sunny, I can’t find an email address for you. I hope you see this and consider merging it.

    For those still asking, –bookmark-menu is *not* implemented in GTK+ (i.e. Linux).

  17. Decklin Foster says:

    Hello All,

    Since Sunny is no longer using/developing this extension, I have (with permission!) adopted it and posted a new version. It’s on this site here:

    and on the official Google Site. Please direct any questions there.

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