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This is an **UNOFFICIAL** 3rd-party extension, unaffiliated with Read It Later or Nate Weiner! Please don’t bother him with problems with this extension!
Orbvious Interest is an UNOFFICAL, 3rd-party client for
Read It Later ( is a brilliant concept by Nate Weiner: When you come across a webpage you want to read, instead of interrupting the flow of your work – you just mark it for later!
All the pages marked “for later” appear in a handy popup list, so that you can get to them when you’ve got time. Once read, you simply mark them as “read”, and they’re removed from the list.
A remarkably simple idea, that helps so very much!

This extension is my wannabe-clone of Nate’s extension for Firefox.
(Maybe one day, it really will have all the same juicy features!)

Change Log:

- View "Read Archive", and a added a progress indicator during requests.

- New option: set the number of items per page

- Filter the list in the popup by title, url and tags. Also sorting!

- Edit titles and mark multiple items as read, from the popup.

- Shortcut key! Better icons for pages!

- Pages! You can now see all the unread items.

- List is properly synchronized with the server and restored every time Chrome opens.

Older Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    "Read It Later" for Chrome

    Change Log:


  2. Version 1.0.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    "Read It Later" for Chrome

    Change Log:

    Got the first thing done: auto updating! Once you download this version, Chrome will automatically keep you up-to-date with the latest version of ChromeRIL!

  3. Version 1.1.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    "Read It Later" for Chrome

    Change Log:

    As requested, the extension now has a "Browser Action" button on the same toolbar as the "Page" and "Wrench" icons in Chrome. 

    Clicking on the button will add the page to the unread list, and will open a list of the 10 most recently added unread items.

    Pages can be removed from the unread list by clicking on the checkmark, (which will open the popup) and clicking on "Remove" in the popup.

  4. Version 1.2.0
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    Mark interesting webpages for later reading.

    Change Log:


  1. Sergio says:

    What is it for???? :S

    no info available?

  2. Angel says:

    Wow this is amazing but however shame there is no direct button to open up the site, because at moment i have to go through extensions and options.
    But thanks anyway great extension

  3. Todero says:

    Very good, nice extension. I have a suggestion: Put a buttom in the ActionBrowser that show a tooltip with the most recents “marked sites” would be great!

  4. perzo says:

    @Todero, Maybe a unread count too?

  5. Angel says: put this on book marks bar it solves problem about finding them later on!

  6. fp456789 says:

    Thank you very much! I like the extension!

  7. Todero says:

    @perzo, yes, this idea is very good too; how GmaikChecker or Google Wave Checker.

    @Angel, is not a problem, “it is a suggestion” (Suggestion = improve extension).

  8. Thanks for the ideas, everyone!

    I’d love to implement all your suggestions, but I can’t do it with the icon in the address bar. Such icons are called “Page Actions”, and all they can do is get clicked.

    But I can create a “Browser Action” icon next to the address bar, which when clicked will open a popup.
    [ see: ]
    It can also have an unread count.

    The “catch”, is that it would take two clicks to mark a page as read or unread. I’m not sure if it that won’t make the extension less fun to use… What do you think?

  9. scraimer says:

    Oh, and I forgot to respond to Todero:

    @Todero: the bar at the bottom (“tool strips”) are being removed from Chrome extensions. Instead, I’m planning on creating a bookmark folder with the collection of unread URLs.

  10. delirium says:

    Is it possible to implement same functional as firefox’s RIL has. (ie reading and sorting bookmarks in seperate browser window, not on RIL webpage)? If so any eta?

    Also I would like to thank you for great addon 🙂

  11. cyanide says:

    Excellent extension. Can we have a feature which gives us a reading list button with a regular dropdown with all the items (just like in the firefox RIL). W/o that the extension loses most of it’s functionality :).

  12. Todero says:

    Scraimer, very good idea :).

    Remember, in the ActionBrowser, “tooltip” is allowed.
    (I made a mistake in my past review, is not Buttom, correctly is Button)

  13. perzo says:

    Toolstrips are being removed.

  14. Todero says:

    mmmmm, toolstrips are very different to “Tooltip” in the ActionBrowser.

    Toolstrip is a bottom bar; ActionBrowser is a space together Omnibar and a “Tooltip” is a popup Balloon. This balloon is that I comment and suggest that is a interesting space to put the unread sites.

    Check it:

    I apologize if my text caused confusions :S

  15. Mario says:

    Great extension, 4.5 stars/5 stars.

    I would give it .5 more stars if you could somehow integrate the Reading List bookmarklet ( into the omnibox somehow. Next to the check mark would be great.

  16. Luciano says:

    I am not being able to login in it. I always get a Invalid username/password error. I’m quite sure the info I’m sending is correct. I even did a copy/paste at each field in case I was mistyping something, but still got the error. I’m on Chrome 4 under Windows 7.

  17. scraimer says:

    @Luciano: make sure the username/password you are using also work in – I’m using an identical mechanism to check for authentication.

    To tell the extension what is the username and password, you’ll have to go to the “Tools” menu (the wrench icon) and click on “Extensions”. A new tab will open, to display all your installed extensions. Click on the “Options” button for ChromeRIL to open a new tab where you can enter the username and password.

  18. scraimer says:

    OK, as per requests, I’ve added these features:

    1. Unread List (@ Todero) – right now it shows the last 5 marked-for-unread items. I hope to make this a paged list with “next” and “prev” buttons, like the Firefox extension.
    2. Unread count (@ perzo) – A badge with the unread count is shown.
    3. Button is a BrowserAction (@Todero)

    There much more to do, but any suggestions are most welcome!

  19. Graeme says:

    scraimer, thanks for the update. The browser action was a nice surprise when I got up this morning.

    Here’s my feedback: I think that clicking on the browser action should take you to your “Reading List” – as in, the actual page on Google Reader Checker and Gmail Checker both do this. I think that everyone would agree that it needs to be easier to access your Reading List, and simply clicking on the browser action would probably be the best option. That’s most intuitive to me, anyway, especially since it displays the unread count. Having said that, there now needs to be a button to click to assign a page to your Reading List. I think the original checkmark in the Omnibox could perform this task just fine. Is it possible to include both the Omnibox checkmark (to assign to Reading List) and the browser action (to read the Reading List)?

  20. scraimer says:

    @Graeme: I wish I could, but I can’t. Chrome extensions only allow *one* of the following: Page Action (icon on the url bar), Browser Action (button on the toolbar) or Theme.

    [ see: ]

    Seeing as I can only do one, I decided to make it a BrowserAction. Have you tried the version I posted today? Version 1.1.0? It displays the latest 5 unread items.

    (Hopefully I’ll get around to paginating the list of unread items, like it appears in the Firefox extension.)

  21. Todero says:

    🙂 Excellent!!, thanks Scraimer.

  22. amitre says:

    Excellent extension. The updated version is a huge improvement.
    It will be very nice if you can add a scrolling up/down mechanism so we’ll be able to see all the list (and not just the latest 5).

  23. Kristoffer says:

    Excellent extension with great potential. I have som critique though:

    -You should have another icon, because many todo list extensions have checkmarks as their icon. Maybe a book or something?(Or you could ask the Read it later team to borrow their logo/icon)

    -Maybe left clicking the icon could mark pages as read this later, and right clicking would open a menu where you could manage your read list? Right now there’s one button for marking, unmarking and managing the readlist, i.e. if I want to get to the readlist, I have to mark a webpage as read it later to get to it.

  24. scraimer says:

    @amitre: I’m planning to work on that next! If I have some time this week, the feature might be done by the end of the week. I was thinking about doing “prev” and “next” like in the Firefox extension, but now that you suggest it, maybe scrolling will be better..? I’ll try both and see. Maybe I’ll default to one, and have an option to choose which one.

    @Kristoffer: Frankly, I can’t draw to save my life. As it is, the icon already shows you that clicking on the “hollow” checkmark will make it checked, which I like a lot. Can you suggest a different icon? It’ll need to be royalty free, and freely distributable with Artistic-license code…

    Oh, and I wish I could control what happens on right/left click, or even detect where the click happened. As it is, right now Chrome only reports that a “click” happened, without any additional data (I don’t know which mouse button was pressed, I don’t know where on the icon the click happened – nothing.) If and when they add such features, I’ll make use of them.

  25. PSquid says:

    @scraimer: Is it possible that you could make the 1.0.x interface’s checkmark (for marking read/unread in a single click) in address bar a toggleable option in a future release, with the toolbar button just bringing up the list (i.e., doesn’t mark as read/unread) while the address-bar-checkmark is present?

    The lack of that is enough of an issue for me (as a long-time Firefox user of RIL, the new interface simply doesn’t feel right) that I have downgraded to 1.0, and will remain there unless the option is added.

    With that out of the way, the extension is very pleasant to use, although my above complaint still stands – 1.0.0 (and 1.0.1, except that it automatically updates to 1.1.0, of course) is considerably more pleasant than 1.1.0.

    For those reasons, I give it 4/5 (perfect except for the interface annoyance).

  26. KristofferPwn says:

    Here’s a nice and free icon for you;0)

    I think you should at least add a “Add this page to RIL” under the pop up menu, instead of “Adding the page when you click the button”. That way the extension can be used as a reading list as well as a way to add things to RIL. The ability to remove things from the list within the popup by checkmarking or something like that would also be nice ;o)

    These are just my opinions though, keep up the good work

  27. @ KristofferPwn: Thanks for the icon. As for the idea, I’ve implemented it in the latest version 1.2.0

  28. sanya says:

    In Chrome dev exstension don’t work

  29. Angel says:

    yes use older version and works as think new one has error

  30. Jay says:

    “manifest file is Invalid” in latest dev build on mac

  31. David says:

    It doesn’t work. It tells me that me the manifest is invalid @[email protected]

  32. scraimer says:

    Well, I’ve been remiss in updating on this site. Most of my updates are on the official gallery.
    Hope this update helps some people 🙂

  33. pthubbard says:

    The best of the chrome versions of the firefox extension. There are some bugs when you try to display other than newest to oldest. e.g. it shows the last entry multiple times if you select oldest to newest.

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