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An extension to access the Google Bookmarks

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changed bright icon into star icon

changed font of bookmark list

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    An extension to access the Google Bookmarks

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  1. mukizu says:

    Awesome extension. The only thing – the icon. I guess it’s better to have something not that bright(like star from google bookmarks, or just make it the same style as chrome’s native icons)

  2. vigilancer says:

    it will be nice to resize bookmark window to original size after deselect Label.
    you know, if i first select Label “ruby” extension windows resized to fit all links in this Label. but after going back to label list window saves the same size, wich take a half screen.
    minor change

  3. The Night Phoenix says:

    Great extension . but really u can work harder on the icon 😀

  4. passenger says:

    Nice extension.Please change the icon to the chrome’s native icon.

  5. FAJ says:

    I agree with mukizu,
    It would be better if this icon looked more like the chrome buttons; lick black and white; maybe make it look like the star to the left of the omnibar? or integrate it into that one maybe?

    keep up the good work!

  6. very appreciate your effect, works great!!
    But I would like to see more options when i tick a bookmark like editing the existing google bookmarks.

    Thanks anyway!!
    good work… keep it on!!

  7. zhenia says:

    Thank you so much!!!!
    Your GREAT extension eliminates one of major reasons to prefer IE/FF over Chrome(GC).
    and don’t change this smiley star icon, it shouldn’t be a “chrome style”, because official chrome denies any relation to google bookmarks, notepad etc.
    Thank you again, very much, really!

  8. Grexe says:

    Very nice, tagging bookmarks was sorely missing from Chrome even after sync was added.
    However I found no way to enter new/custom tags, only select existing ones?
    Also the UI is a bit sluggish, no feedback until you click a tag name, which causes somewhat of a strange usability.
    Wondering what the bookmark(s) at the bottom mean – are these related bookmarks? If so, please add some label/indication – if not, please add this feature, would be very handy.

  9. ezha says:

    Thank you. I like this extension. And I have a suggestion, Why not bind left mouse click to add bookmark, and bind right mouse click to open bookmark menu. It’s more easier for user.

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