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Update history
v2.0 (2010.01.09)
1. JqueryUI.
2. search bookmarks by regular expression.
3. multi-labels select.
4. save popup state in background.

v1.23 (2009.12.29)
1. css.
2. code refactor.

v1.20 (2009.12.26) Jimmy Liang

1. add bookmark default into current label.
2. save the current state when the popup off.
3. delete bookmark.
4. add tooltips to show bookmarks detail.

v1.0 (2009.12.24 Xmas eve. for fun) Jimmy Liang

1. Using Jquery to make javascript simpler.
2. Using background.html to read google bookmarks' xml. popup only retrieve data from background, no need read from
internet. User can click "Reload" any time needed.
3. Add an "ALL" label on the end of the labels to show all bookmarks together, for easier to find and find out
reduplicate bookmarks.
4. Add a loading indicator.
5. Auto ajust div to show bookmarks and scroll.


  1. Enmi says:

    This is the first and only google bookmark manager that’s actually worked for me running Ubuntu Linux. It loads flawlessly, and very quickly. Very streamlined look and feel, even if it’d be nice to bind an alternate click to the button to quickly add a new bookmark. I still have to play around with it, and see how far I get with that. ^_^

    But all in all, best job so far with a Google Bookmark Extension for Chrome!

  2. Gel says:

    I’m wondering why this doesn’t provide a nice dropdown for the Bookmarks just like…well..Bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox or the Google toolbar itself.

    I find the way it just mashes all the labels together in a big box very difficult to work with.

    But it does work 🙂

  3. goodtalker says:

    I prefer Xmark .. as it arrange bookmarks in my Bookmark bar in chrome and firefox .. and also manages my pwd in firefox ……

  4. frrobert says:

    One thing I noticed if I add a bookmark, It doesn’t show up in the extension till I shutdown chrome and restart it.

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