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An infographic visualization of your Chrome bookmarks. 

I love bookmarks. I have hundreds of them. Maybe you do too. But if you’re anything like me, your bookmarks either end up carefully filed into a Byzantine hierarchy of categories that you no longer remember the logic behind, or dumped into an unorganized and unmanageable heap in the default folder.

The Bookmark Infographic extension gives you a little insight into the nature and organization of your bookmarks by creating a handsome and interactive visual report.

A bar graph of bookmarks by hour

WHY? This extension is brought to you by Gleana is interested in improving the ways in which bookmarks are created and used. This extension was an easy offshoot of research and tool development we were already doing, so we thought it might be fun to share a visualization with others.

THIS EXTENSION RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY.  Don’t worry, we’re not secretly spying on your bookmark collection or the way you use bookmarks with this extension. The extension doesn’t record or transmit any information about you or your bookmarks. It just draws pretty pictures.

In particular, the Bookmark Infographic extension does not attempt to access any of the web sites pointed to by your bookmarks, or for that matter, to communicate with the Internet at all. All of the information in the infographic is created by analyzing the bookmarks themselves. No information about your bookmark collection is recorded, let alone transmitted anywhere.
Similarly, the extension does not attempt to modify or add to any of your bookmarks or folders, or store  any persistent information. The extension reads your bookmark data, draws some pictures and graphs, and then forgets about these as soon as the report tab is closed.

THIS EXTENSION IS OPEN SOURCE. So that you can examine and enhance the extension, the full source code is available under an MIT license. See for more  information.

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