More about this extension

place anywhere in bookmarks a folder with title which respect this pattern :

{t:”, url:’’}

t is the title of feed, but it’s updated automaticly by extension

and finaly click on toolstrip DynBk for updated dynamic bookmark

you can add any number of dynamic bookmark anywhere

For example :

If you want add a dynamic bookmark for this feed

You must create a folder in your bookmarks anywhere and give it this name :

{t:”, url:’’}

finally click on ‘Upd‘ on the toolstrip, this click launch a refresh on all dynamic bookmark defined in yours bookmarks

Then you can go to the folder you have previously create and you see in the entries of feed.

PS : the name of folder was renamed : {t:’Google Chrome Releases’, url:’’}

Other info :

in the name of folder you can add this element (inside brackets) maxEntries:20

this element override the default options for this feed and in the example retrieve last 20 entires of feed


  1. jazz7 says:

    can’t get it working … will you please give some examples.. or better attach some screenshots

  2. Martini says:


    this extensions sound like what I am waiting for in Chrome. But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me so long…normally these feeds end with ….xml, or not? I added a folder in my bookmark’s bar with this mentioned title but it wouldn’t update it by a’s still empty..what am I doing wrong?


  3. N says:

    How do you use this extension???

  4. macusernick says:

    Okay from what I see:

    Add a new folder to bookmarks. As the name of the folder type something like this (include the brackets):

    {t:’youtube most viewed’, url:’’}

    Then click the button at the bottom to populate the folder with the rss feed. I renamed the folder but I’m not sure if it updates. Hope that helps.

  5. […] the RSS icon in the bottom corner of the page to update.  Based on the code made by Mr. Das (  *Edit:  I am already working on 0.2 release and that will be available soon with fixes and […]

  6. orglee says:

    I can’t make it working and I just can’t wait for its next version. ;p

  7. MORK says:

    There is only one thing worse than finding an extension you have wanted for bloody ages, it’s finding that extension without any decent documentation, too difficult to use and no instructions or help. Totally useless. Can somebody please write a firefox style RSS bookmark bar?

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