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click here for BookmarkBar HotKeys tutorial video ... 
always been a keyboard fan ?
keep using the keyboard shortcuts ? 


access your Bookmarks from a keyboard shortcut(s).
choose your HotKey (ALT or SHIFT) and your SoftKey (ALT or SHIFT or CTRL) easily access your bookmarks.... 

-------------------------------------------------- Features ---------------------------------------------------
* access the first 10th bookmarks on bookmarksBar using the HotKey + number
* access the 10th to 19th bookmarks on bookmarksBar using the HotKey + SoftKey + number
* access FolderBookmarks easily with ONLY keyboard navigation.
* Choose your HotKey (ALT or SHIFT)
* Choose your SoftKey (ALT or SHIFT or CTRL)
* Select where to open the Bookmark (New tab or Current tab)

----------------------------------------------- Change Log ---------------------------------------------------
version 1.3:
* Added Ability to access the 10-19 Bookmarks on BookmarksBar(as promised).
* Add SoftKey Feature.
* Added a way to trigger Folder Bookmarks.

version 1.2:
* fixed MAC bug ==> now works in chrome on macOSx
* improved speed. (less JavaScript)
* improved Options page
* Popup page - How To use 

Tested on: Windows , Ubuntu and MacOSx.

NOTE : There may be Some other Extensions that use Keyboard Shortcuts that may interfere this extensions usage.

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