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After installation chrome restart is needed. Unfortunately auto-update to 0.3 doesn’t work (due to googlepages migration to – files stored on like autoupdate.xml are redirected – chrome doesn’t support that)

known issues:
  • scrolling not works on blank tab and chrome://extensions/
future plans:
  • options page will be added with ability to change left button to middle or right button or alt.
  • known bugs will be fixed

Change Log:

  • fixed bug "sometimes tabs scrolls, while mouse button is not pressed".
  • fixed bug, that while tabs were changing, the sites were scrolling down/up.
  • removed autoupdate (lack of proper hosting for now...)
  • added scrolling while left alt is pressed.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux)
    Developer Builds

    Simple extension allowing to scroll through tabs with mouse wheel. Just press down left mouse button, and use mouse wheel to change tabs.

    Change Log:



  1. Todero says:

    Interesting and useful. But I think that it should be better if it permits change all tabs continuously and not only one by one.

  2. abc says:

    it does’t work..

  3. kasztan says:

    Have you restarted browser? What doesn’t work exactly? Have you read “More about this extension” section or my website?

    @Todero, I’m not sure if I understand you – after browser restart (each page has to be refreshed) tabs are changing continuosly, except new blank tab and extension tab (which are not working for now).

  4. egor says:

    Does’t work for me either (W7 X64, Chrome

  5. egor says:

    @ kasztan
    1. Yes, I’ve restarted browser.
    2. Extension just does nothing. As if it was not installed.

  6. rollinger says:

    Nice tool, but i use the (?) second finger for levt Mouse button and the middle finger for right mouse button. So i can’t use this tool. Many people work like i do.

  7. zipu4 says:

    Toredo means that users can`t scroll all tabs by one click, and they must click on each tab to scroll for next. For example to scroll from first tab to fifth user must click four times.

  8. kasztan says:

    ok, sometimes it doesn’t work properly (it should) I’ll try to fix it soon, thanks for feedback 🙂

  9. Todero says:

    mmmm very strange, it does not work for my.

    1. I press left (or right) click and hold it.
    2. While click is held, I roll the mouse wheel.
    3. It change the tab. ✔
    4. But, If I continue rolling the mouse wheel (still holding click), it does not change to another tab. ✘. Instead, it scroll the actual page.

    This is a explanation of why, I did say “continuosly” in my past review. What happening? In your computer works “continuosly”? or you must release and hold click each change tab?

    Suggestion: Add a ALT+Wheel shortcut will be great!


  10. Kabooka says:

    Scrolls a tab at a time for me. But it looks promising in theory.

    ALT+ wheel & multi tab scrolling will be good.

  11. zipu4 says:

    I vote for “ALT + wheel ” !!! – it will greate

  12. rom says:

    +1 for ALT + wheel, it’s kinda unconfortable to click and to scroll at the same time.
    And, indeed, it doesn’t change more than one tab per click for me.

    With these little improvements, I’m sure this could be a killer extensions 🙂

  13. Mikey says:

    im having trouble with it it works some times if i double click and scroll fast

  14. Raine says:

    Better yet, make it so that when you scroll on the tab bar it switches through tabs.

  15. taftie12 says:

    hmm, i have the same problem as egor, it doesn’t seem to function at all for me. I’m running Vista x64 Home Premium and the latest Chrome developer build. Could it have something to do with 64-bit?

  16. Jeepers! says:

    I don’t use the keyboard on my computer unless I need to, so being able to right-click + scroll would suite me the best. The issue of activating the right-click menu when releasing the right button would have to be resolved though.

    Also, as Todero said, being able to click once and scroll through multiple tabs continuously would be awesome.

    Whatever the case, options to customise between different methods of input would be optimal. If that was implemented, you’d have and amazing extension on your hands.

  17. DaVince says:

    Scroll through tabs with mouse wheel? So I take it this is useless for the Linux version of Chrome as it already does that?

  18. Michondrial says:

    I too would prefer right click + scroll.

    Also, an option to choose which click, left vs. right, controls the, single vs. multi, scroll would be the icing on the cake for me.

    Thanks for making a useful extension.

  19. kasztan says:

    I’ve updated tabWheeler, now it works much better! Some bugs are killed and alt+scroll works cool. Download and try it (unfortunately autoupdates stopped working due to googlepages file hosting)

  20. Todero says:

    Incredible, now works better. Thanks for this update and good luck with Chrome:// pages 🙂
    (alt+scroll is amazing) —-> Permits hotlink of xml, and others, is free! it is not a ad, only a help 😉

  21. KinG_ says:

    it really make a lot of diferent *-*, so easy and simple xD
    tnx man, i love tis add.

    i found only on bug, wn u r in new tab, u cant use alt+wheel noting happens, how it is in beta (0.3) and normal find some bugs… but keep the reallyyyyy great work xD

  22. KinG_ says:

    a sry another opnion, when u use alt+wheler, u need to click on the page to “activate” it for use th wheler again xD..
    really gona help if u dont need to click to activate

    tnx man, keep the great work *-*

  23. Hans says:

    it does’t work.

  24. liquidmonkey says:

    this works great, thank you!

    ONE BUG – when enabled, this extension DOES NOT allow you to watch VIMEO videos. took me days to figure this out and hopes this helps anyone else out there.

    maybe the developer can sort out???

  25. soccers56 says:

    This extension was responsible for numerous things not working in chrome. Most noticeably, many flash sites didn’t properly load, youtube videos often didn’t show up, and google maps would be difficult to work with. Disabling this extension fixed all these problems.

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