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To use the extension you can either click on the icon next to the address bar or press “ctrl+q”. This will show you a list of all open tabs and a search box.

Please be aware that this extension is still in development and bugs may be present.


  1. lilbluepill says:

    This is *precisely* what I’ve needed. Just yesterday I had over 71 tabs open and, let me just say, prior to this extension, there’s simply no easy way to manage that otherwise. THANK YOU! It works a treat.

  2. Ben Anderson says:

    yeah I can totally relate to you, I often have heaps of tabs open so this is a very useful extension.

  3. raorn says:

    With too many tabs when I click on TabSeach icon several leftmost tabs are inaccessible since window doesn’t fit on my screen. Can this be fixed, please?

  4. std|denis says:

    Looks nice.
    But there is an issue – try to search something that won’t found (like ‘asdfhasldhweruq1111w’) – the popup will become too thin, so even the contents of the inputbox will be invisible 🙁 Maybe there should be a width constraint ?

  5. Stephen Heron says:


    Thanks all for trying my extension.

    I will look into the problems that raorn and std|denis have mentioned and hopefully will be able to fix it soon.

  6. Olav says:

    It doesn’t work anymore. Chromium doesn’t accept extensions from file://, so all plugins must be updated.

  7. V-2 says:

    In order to be of any use, it should show TITLES of websites, not raw links.

    For example, if I open 3 different threads on a forum, I really don’t know which one is “1275”, “1384”, “382050” etc.

    I really need to see their TITLES to jump to the one I want.

    The same with (for example) video clips on Youtube – which title is more useful:

    YouTube – LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Review


    “OVBas_-3pYI”, does it mean anything? I don’t care about OVBas_-3pYI

  8. raorn says:

    In version 0.4.1 bottom edge of list still goes outside of screen.

  9. Treviño says:

    Very Cool… By the way I’d need a vertical scroller to get the best from this: if I use too many tabs I can’t scroll them down. 😉

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