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This is a small extension which moves newly opened tabs to the far right of the tab bar instead of the default behavior which opens a tab to the immediate right of the current tab.


  1. Ben Anderson says:

    I actually like having the tab open as it’s default behavior but I’m sure others don’t.

  2. dracflamloc says:

    Yes I’m sure its a 50/50 preference.
    I’ll give an example of why I personally prefer this (I’m sure others have other reasons):
    Say I have two tabs open, one, one
    If I open 10 links from fark, they shove digg way to the right, but I personally would rather keep digg open in the 2nd tab, then open another 10 links from there and read through them all in order.

  3. NC says:

    Been looking for this for a while. Thanks dracflamloc.

  4. nonegiven says:

    Love this extension. Maxthon lets you chose this setting yourself and I’ve been wanting this setting for Chromium. Thanks.

  5. BostonPeng says:

    You rock, dracflamloc. This is the very thing I was looking for. I definitely owe you a brewski.

  6. dracflamloc says:

    You all are very welcome. Be sure to check out some of the other free software I’ve made on my website.

  7. andy says:

    i wish there was an easy way to enable/disable this. i find the default tab behavior good for most browsing but for some tasks this style works much better. am i over looking a settings page?

  8. KinG_ says:

    nuss really tnx, i hate like drac example *-*, tnx a lot and great work…
    it should be default in chrome *-*

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