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Shortcut Commands :

1. Duplicate current Tab : ctrl+shift+alt+D
2. Close all Tabs to right : ctrl+shift+E
3. Close all Tabs to left : ctrl+shift+W
4. Close all other Tabs : ctrl+shift+alt+W
5. Focus n-th Tab : ctrl+shift+’n’ where ‘n’ is the tab no(n=1 to 9).. eg. To focus 5th tab(if exists), press strl+shift+5
6. Move current Tab Left : ctrl+shift+left-arrow-key
7. Move current Tab Right : ctrl+shift+right-arrow-key
8. Move tab to leftmost position : ctrl+shift+left-arrow-key
9. Move tab to rightmost position: ctrl+shift+right-arrow-key
10. Move tab out of window: ctrl+shift+down-arrow-key
11. Move tab back into the same window: ctrl+shift+up-arrow-key
12. Switch to *Last used* Tab : ctrl+~


  1. roy_hu says:

    Some shortcuts are built-in:
    5. Ctrl+’n’
    6/7. Ctrl+PageUp/PageDn

  2. Igoreso says:

    This is not working on the I can’t make it save the settings, they just disappear: when I click “Save & Close” button, it opens the same page on the new tab without any settings that was just set. And reopening settings page proves that there was no settings saved. Two other buttons do nothing at all.

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