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Supports Authentication.
Displays tweets from people you follow only.

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  1. Version 1.0
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    Displays twitter public timeline in an animated ticker, it uses jquery to retrieve and parse information from twitter.

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  1. OwenCM says:

    I’ve installed it and checked that it definately installed correctly but I’m not seeing any bar or notifications. Are you sure you didn’t use the old system of extensions that is no longer in place?

  2. poof says:

    I wish this extension would pop up to show only new tweets on my own timeline and then hide after a click or a period of time… maybe a good next release option? 😉

  3. ouadi says:

    Thank you for your comment…a new version will be released next week!

  4. poof says:

    Nice seeing such quick development. Will new changes be updated automatically? because I had to reinstall the extension to get your latest changes.

  5. theporkmeister says:

    I agree we need the option for it to only alert us to new tweets. I really would like an application that alerts me when someone I am following posts something new, but I am only following a couple of people so a ticker that is always on the screen is unnecessary for my purposes. An option maybe for a box to pop up when you get a new tweet and go away when you click would be good. If someone selects this option it should alert them of any missed tweets when they open their browser too.

  6. nice extension!
    However, the links inside the tweets are not working.
    Also, some usability suggestion: when typing username, it is “standard” to press TAB key to move to the password field, it’s not working on your extension.
    One last thing: keeping the messages appear over and over is a bit disturbing.. Any chance you could add a button to “re-show” the tweets?


  7. perzo says:


  8. JBantha says:

    It gets frozen aftter a while, slowly slowing its way untill: BAZINGA! freeze.
    It would be nice if this does not happend ina future, and to regulate the scrolling speed

  9. Mariano says:

    Mmmm it´s not working for me.
    Everytime i write my username and password it displays Wrong Combination.
    I´m not sure if it isn’t working because im also using chrome bird.

  10. Thiago Holanda says:

    Hi ouadi,

    Congratulations for your extension. I were seen your extension and it really good and simple. Obviously, you’ll need to make some modifications in your javascript (like remove lines commenteded) but is good.


  11. Josh Dale says:

    Having issues too with “Wrong Combination” login with certain accounts…it may have to do with pounding Twitter’s API with refreshes of that account…causing a “hold” on that account to access the API…not sure, but I’m using Chrome Bird as well and logging in fine with other accounts simultaneously…overall very pleased with this extension…THANK YOU!!!

  12. As poof said, I want a pop up insted of the moving thingi at the bottom, still nice extension and I will check it out after update…

  13. Whittaker says:

    Seems to not take name/pwd all the time. If I disable it, it won’t restart. Nice extension tho! Will keep testing it…

  14. ouadi says:

    Thank you for your comments..i’ll try to include that in my next update probably next week.
    lots of ppl have been getting ‘wrong combination’ error, i ll try to get rid of authentication.
    Also, i will use browser actions instead of toolstrips because it will deprecated in the stable release.

  15. kuber says:

    a wonderful plug-in! my first choice twitter client. Would like to see more shorten url service integrated cuz now the built-in ones are banned in China.

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