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Key features

Reading feeds

  • The extension can show the number of unread items, as all of GR extensions do.
  • If you switch to auto-opening mode (check a checkbox on the browser action popup) then the extension automatically opens all new items in new background tabs, and marks them as read in GR. That’s a great thing – you find new things to read just appear, without even clicking anything! Also, at least for me, reading items in their full version by navigating to the item’s link is much more enjoyable than reading the abbreviated, style-less version directly in GR.
  • When working in the normal mode (where new items do not get opened automatically), clicking a link on the popup opens the first unread item and marks it as read. There are also links for opening first five, ten or twenty unread items.
  • In the automatic mode, number of automatically opened tabs is displayed on the browser action. When you switch to one of the opened tabs, the number is automatically decremented.

Subscribing to feeds

  • When a website has a feed, the extension icon turns from green to orange. Click it to open the popup and see the list of feeds on the page. Click any of them to open it in GR (does not subscribe, just opens and lets you view it).


(I’m using the Brushed theme.) (Screenshots are a little bit outdated now, but still give the general idea.)

17 items unread:

Now in auto-opening mode, 6 items waiting for me to view:

The icon is orange – there are feeds on this page (A is for auto-opening mode and no tabs opened):

Feed view (what you’ll see when you go to

Change Log:

  • Switched to jQuery.
  • Feed view works again.
  • Changed the icon.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.5.1
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds

    TPGoogleReader is a Google Reader extension for Chrome. It makes working with feeds (both reading and subscribing) easier and more enjoyable.

    Change Log:


  2. Version 0.5.4
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds
    Developer Builds (Linux)

    TPGoogleReader is a Google Reader extension for Chrome. It makes working with feeds (both reading and subscribing) easier and more enjoyable.

    Change Log:

    • Refreshing rate is customisable in options.
    • Possibility to use SSL while connecting to Google Reader.
    • Links for immediate opening five, ten or twenty next unread items.
    • Delay before marking a tab as read (decrementing the green number).
    • Items that have already been seen (e.g. before Google Reader noticed them) are automatically marked as read without opening.


  1. Shift says:

    maby change icon to icon of google reader ?

  2. jaywink says:

    nice to see a new version of this, but yeah the icon should be google reader looking imho 🙂

  3. Max says:

    Hi, really like your extension,
    personally i replaced de used icons beacause it breaks chrome visual
    If you want i can email you my version of these files ( original and png ):
    tpgr16.png tpgr19.png tpgr32.png tpgr48.png feeds19.png


  4. TPReal says:

    Well, I decided not to put the GR icon here because it’s not GR, it’s TPGR 🙂 And also I needed a way to make it orange when there are feeds on a page.

  5. shijin says:

    it’s really cool extension, but IMHO you should remove TPGR from icons.

  6. Max says:

    Sorry , I didnt mean you to replace with GR icons.
    Here you can see the ones I made

    The abstraction google suggest in the bar’s icons says you shouldnt brand the icon,
    just choose some icons that clearly represent your plugin, amd theyy used
    an outlined blue icon

    feel free to use them


  7. vaman says:

    nice work,thanks

  8. ChromeUser says:

    Unfortunately such good functionality disappears behind such aggressive public relations – for me the icon looks as what that ADS in my brouser, with which I struggle, it is good that there were many blockaders of advertising, for what thanks their developers. I have an idea – in the version following to put the photo.

  9. Sam says:

    tbh, i prefered the old version, because I don’t like having that ugly icon up there in the top left…
    but my chrome keeps auto-updating it so I can’t stay with the old version!
    I much prefered it when this extension was like this:

  10. TPReal says:

    I really can’t understand what’s your problem. The icon is TPGoogleReader icon, why shouldn’t it be so? It is not Google Reader. When you click it, it does not open Google Reader. It opens TPGoogleReader. So why shouldn’t it have its own icon? And as we’re expecting more and more extensions using page actions, the fact that it shows the extension name can be a plus. Also, as I already said, the icon needs to be able to turn orange, and that’s why it is based on the commonly used feed icon. I think everything’s OK here. The comparison to advertisement is very irrelevant.

    So simply – if you don’t like it, don’t use it. As an alternative, you can also design a nice icon for the extension and send it to me (.svg please; email address is in the extension’s description). If I like it, it’ll be used in the next version. Remember about the orange and non-orange variants.

  11. ChromeUser says:

    Calm down, personally I do not use your extension after your comments here and here in which you have spoilt mood to authors and have beaten off desire to continue working out of extension. Also has simply expressed in the same key about TPGR, or it is better PRTP.

  12. TPReal says:

    Wow, that’s a really strange approach. I’d be glad if someone told me “look, there’s an extension similar to yours, and it’s better here and here”. At that point either I agree, switch to the other extension and discontinue mine, or make effort to improve my one so that it beats the other, at least in some areas. Knowing that, I could also learn something by analysing the other extension’s code.

    In my opinion, my extension for Docs Viewer is simply better than the other two, and I can give arguments why I think so. So why shouldn’t I say this? (I sort of hoped to get some response, too.) Strange approach, really.

  13. Sam says:

    I agree with ChromeUser….
    TPReal, you won’t get many fans if you continue arguing like this….
    I suggest you do what users want if you want the best response.
    Just trying to help.

  14. ChromeUser says:

    I do not see goodwill which disappears behind a phrase “look, there’s an extension similar to yours, and it’s better here and here”, you have forgotten continue “it can to you something will help” with posts which were in a reality.

  15. TPReal says:

    For those who don’t like the icon, please design a better one!

    Thanks for your offer. It’s the first entry 🙂

    I’m not saying you have to like the icon. I just don’t like comparing a simple icon to an ad and similar remarks.

  16. Todero says:

    TPReal, I think that is the characters drawn in your icon. But, it is not ugly, just it is different.

    Some people want to have a ActionBrowser icons with a similar style than Original Chrome icons.

    I think that Max icon´s are very good and have a similar Chrome style. +1

  17. MaartenC says:

    Very nice work. I really like your extension. Keep working it 😉

  18. deerua says:

    Change your ugly icons PLZ!!!!

  19. Eric Honaker says:

    Nice start.

    Have you considered adding a feature to open the referenced page in-line, like “Better GReader” for FF? That’s about all I am missing for total Chrome happiness.

  20. TPReal says:

    Currently my extension is not tampering with the Google Reader site at all. It just connects to it using the API, but does not modify the way the page is displayed when you visit it normally. And I guess this should remain this way. What you’re saying is probably an idea for a separate extension, and I don’t think I’ll do this, this kind of things is not what I’m best at 🙂

  21. TPReal says:

    Here you are guys, the icon was changed and does not have the letters on it. There are also some other various changes (see TPChromeExtensions Blog) but I think you might find this one most important.

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