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“SerendApp for Web” shows your Facebook friends walls, wiki pages and images at random !

Visit your friends profiles/pages/walls/photos/comments once you discover their profile pages at random !

You don’t have enought time to “visit/comment/manage” all your friends’ walls/photos/comments/pages or to scroll all your friends’ list ? SerendApp will help you effortlessly and let you discover your friends at random !

See the Facebook Page of SerendApp Facebook: (For Facebook integration, put the link to SerendApp “Go to App” button in your browser bar/bookmark so that you can access SerendApp page easily ).

SerendApp shows also images and wiki articles at random !
Wiki articles are taken from wikimedia projects (wikipedia, wiktionary, wikiquote).

“SerendApp for Web” brings SerendApp Android Application features to Facebook web !

See for “SerendApp for Android”.

SerendApp comes from Serendipity, discover new things differently ! Discover your friends’ list differently !

See options to configure Facebook/Wiki/Images feature (right clic on SerendApp icon or parameters/tools/extensions). Default option is Facebook friends wall solely.

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