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This is an helper extension for *Office Web Access*, which is the webmail client for *Microsoft Exchange Server*. 

Get notified when new mails arrived, preview all your mails in a popup window, login to OWA automatically... 

Please follow the tips and set your OWA server url, which should be like:
http(s)://   [OR]

This extension is developed for OWA in Exchange Server 2007, i.e *OWA 8*, you can find your version info in OWA's options -> about page. For OWA 2010 users, please login to OWA with "using lite version" checked first, then you may use this extension. 

It may not work for any other OWA version or any non-default auth method.

1. A well designed UI.
2. Desktop Notification for new mails.
3. Preview the mail's title... and main body! All in the popup window.
4. Remember your password and automatically login to OWA for you.
5. Clicks on the icon would open the OWA tab when there's no unread mails.
6. Many custom settings available. Including checking-new-mail frequency, notification duration... and so on.

1. After your installation, please goto OWA's "Opnions" page, which is *http(s)://*, and set numbers of messages to display in one page up to at least 50. 

2. If you encountered any problem while using this extension, please try to disable and reenable it in Chrome's extension management page.

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