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The aim of MonkeyFly isn’t just to make the most of the strengths of the real-time web, speed, and the convenience of automation, but to do this as easily as possible — all without compromising the simplicity that Twitter’s interface is based on.

Once you’ve installed MonkeyFly, go to your Twitter page and click on the red plus sign next to “Home.” You’ll be able to add the following columns to your Twitter page:

Mentions of @You

Direct messages to you

Your favorites

Your tweets

Your lists


And if you click on your “Saved Searches” you’ll be able to monitor the latest from Twitter.

These columns and features are all customizable from the MonkeyFly link at the top right of your Twitter page.

1. Profiles
By hovering the cursor over a twitter’s profile photo, a convenient window will appear showing that person’s latest tweets and profile information.

2. Photo sharing
Using your Twitpic account, you can easily tweet a photo to your followers. Click the ‘Photo’ button and an upload window will appear (after you’ve signed into Twitpic). The photo will then be displayed as a shortened URL in your status field.

3. URL shortener
Twitter is popular in that it forces its users to be succinct, but sometimes the 140 character limit can be too constricting, especially with long URLs. Using MonkeyFly’s URL shortener, you’ll have more room to write that perfect tweet.

4. @ Suggest
You can send messages to other twitters using the @ symbol. However, it’s difficult to remember all of their IDs. If you click the @ symbol in the Twitter input field, the latest and most commonly contacted twitters’ IDs will appear.

5. Keyboard shortcuts
MonkeyFly also makes use of keyboard shortcuts. You can find the drop down list located under the “Following” drop down menu on your Twitter sidebar.

6. Link tracking
In your Twitter sidebar, under the “Favorites” link, MonkeyFly keeps track of all the links you have submitted via the URL Shortener button. This convenien

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