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New mode, "new tab"!  This mode is default, if you want to go back to the popup, change the settings on the options page.  Note: this new tab format looks for a current tab before creating a new one.

Sorry, I didn't add frame functionality... I couldn't figure it out.  If you know and would like to help, unpack the source code from the .crx (7zip can do this), and then tell me what I should put where.  Like I said, I'm a n00b.  Thanks.

Older Versions

  1. Version 0.1
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    Developer Builds
    Developer Builds (Linux) in a popup! IM with multiple protocols!

    Change Log:


  2. Version 0.2
    Compatible With
    Developer Builds (Linux)
    Developer Builds in a popup! IM with multiple protocols!

    Change Log:


  1. Devon says:

    Hm… screenshot? Description?

  2. Devon says:

    Ah.. you should have mentioned it’s just a frame. So as soon as you click outside of the frame it’s closing. A bookmarklet with a REAL frame (not inside the virtual popup) would make more sense, doesn’t it?

  3. skinnyfish says:

    i use portable chrome i tried to add these extensions but i can’t . it said the extensions are not enabled . what should i do ?

  4. Ian Neal says:

    Make sure you have the dev build.

  5. Ian Neal says:

    @devon: Indeed, this is true, although I kind of did. And personally, I don’t care, but if you like, I will try to put in a settings page and have the choice. Uggh that means more work. 😛

  6. The Truth says:


  7. Ian Neal says:

    It still won’t stay open when you load go back in history, reload (not gonna do that, too hard), switch tabs (uggh I suppose I could make that work… it would involve reloading on tab switch as well [the frame to begin with would reload the page to place the frame]) This might take a few revisions.

  8. Ian Neal says:

    Alright, I am done with my research, and the whole options thing is somewhat easy to handle, I just need to get (onto) my butt and start coding it. However, the refresh comparisons, etc… Might take a little while. Rest assured, the options page will be available in the third version, along with autoupdate. 🙂 And after I’m done with that, I will start working on reloading the frame on refresh, etc., as well as allowing it to transfer tabs. Until then, ciao.

  9. Ian Neal says:

    Oh, and the third version will be out in less than a week, I promise. I can actually most likely get it out tomorrow, but who knows.

  10. Ian Neal says:

    Kk I’m a n00b and need to rewrite… This may take longer than I thought.

  11. Raymond says:

    I tried to download this but it pop-uped a script window and say “invalid value for permission[0]”. Is that expected?

  12. Raymond says:

    Ok, it works now, I had an old Chrome version. Keep up the great work fellows 😉

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