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It is a simple extension for accessing Google Talks on the Chrome.

Change Log:

A very simple extension for accessing Google Talks on the Chrome.


  1. Brian says:

    Can you add support for Google Apps?

  2. cafeoleman says:

    Works fine but is not useful. If someone starts a chat with you…nothing happens….No advice, no sound, no marks….you need to have the window extension open…so…this is not useful…it should be nice that some mark apeears in the button in order to know that someone write something to you…

  3. henry_s_huang says:

    what kind of support? could you give me more details? thx

  4. The Truth says:

    Yep it’s just a frame, isn’t it? You need to break out of the frame, Henry! Right now, when you click somewhere on the page the “popup” is closing.

  5. henry_s_huang says:

    yeah, you are right! It is a problem. i am going to use a new window to replace a frame, which could solve this problem.

  6. Nedialko says:

    Great extension and could be very useful with couple of changes/fixes:
    – Notification for replays on the icon.
    – The extension should remember open chats even when it’s minimized/closed.
    – A way to open it in a separated window/tab (I’m using FalshBlog extension so every time I open the PopUp I need to start the flash a new. If I can open the extension in new tab/window I’ll be able to add it to the exception list. I’m pretty sure others are/will have the same problem.)

  7. The Truth says:


    I trried exactly the same some days ago lol and always freaked out and finally deleted my own extension hahahaha.

    Problem is: If it breaks out of the frame, then why should someone install it. A bookmarklet would make more sense than an extension.

    Take a look at META inspector by ULF on this site. Maybe that helps? I didn’t check the source code but it’s some kinda overlay. Even when you click somewhere (on the opened site) it remains there (as long as you don’t leave the page lol)

  8. Dan says:

    Nice idea but needs a fix so that it doesn’t just close as you say.

    This, as far as I can tell is just the talk gadget yeh? Shame google haven’t added voice and video to this!

  9. Long Nguyen says:

    Support for Google Apps would be great. The ability to switch accounts can also be useful.

  10. Sup3rfly says:

    I have the same problems as Nedialko.
    The extension can’t remember the open chats; if I minimize it and open it again, the past chats don’t appear so I can’t continue my conversation later (because I can’t view my past chats), and it doesn’t remember the opened windows whom I chat with; when I open it it’s like opening a new session of conversations or somethin’ .
    Anyway, nice ideea and I hope u will include all the features we-re botherin’ you with.

  11. The Truth says:

    Yes, it’s because it’s a frame and as soon as you close the “popup”, you close the chat as well. Only solution would be to break out of a frame, but then… you could also use a bookmarklet to open Google Talk in a resized window 🙁 So, anyone has a solution for Henry?

  12. Ethan says:

    It chooses a Google Talk account but doesn’t let you switch. In my case, it guessed the wrong gmail address and I can’t sign out and sign in with the one with all my contacts. In other words, it’s useless to me until you add the functionality to change the account you use to sign in.

  13. coloredearth says:

    Any updates on this – I can’t find any chrome extensions for google chat that have notifications from the icon. I find it extremely weird that Google doesn’t have an official extension for one of their own products. Kinda dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chrome – won’t use anything else, but this is just annoying.

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