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  1. Steve says:

    Would be nice if we had a better GReader extension rather then these with very limited functionality. No offence intended but this is rather lame.

  2. Doesn’t show the icon for me :/

  3. Quack says:

    @Fighterlegend go here: and tell me if you see the icon? I think you only see the icon on pages, where you can subscribe and not on pages where you can for example

  4. Jeroen says:

    Could you change the icon to a default orange rss icon or the google reader icon? This one looks cheap

  5. hsz says:

    Nice work !
    But I`go got one suggestion – it`ll be nice to handle a case when there are two or more feeds on the page – right now plugin see only the first of them.


  6. It doesn’t show up on my website..

    Well, it does, but it shows:

    Do I need to register it to Google reader?

  7. Shift says:

    hm it show icon if code of site have rss tag

  8. tatbrat says:

    It shows up for me when I go to a site that has RSS feeds. Good job! =D

  9. fourstar says:

    Works perfectly for me thanks (although I agree about the icon, standard orange would be ideal)

  10. Oleksandr Bezpalko says:

    how about pages with more than one rss feed?
    now plugin subscribe only on first
    how to select on which feed subscrbe?

  11. Todero says:

    I use this icons , but I think that the shift icons is good too. Every user can change the icons easily, just search your Extension folder and change remplace any icon.

  12. Cre8tym3 says:

    Works perfectly for me as well on OSX 10.5.8 and Chrome 5.0342.9 Thanks for the nice and much needed extension to all FireFox converts

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